UWE Bristol students undertaking a three to 12-month study abroad programme with a partner institution in Europe (including some countries outside the EU) or a traineeship in Europe of between two to 12 months may be eligible for an Erasmus+ grant. This includes students from the Departments of Nursing and Midwifery and Allied Health Professions who undertake clinical placements at Erasmus+ partner institutions.

Arrangements for 2020/21 will be dependent on the outcome of the UK's exit from the EU. The Erasmus+ Brexit FAQs provide advice for students who are currently undertaking, or intending to undertake, an Erasmus+ work placement or study exchange mobility.

How do I apply for an Erasmus+ Grant?

If you are selected for a study abroad programme which is eligible for an Erasmus+ Grant, the funding will be available to you automatically. There is no separate application for the funding, though you are required to complete and submit all required documentation by the stated deadlines.

Students will be required to complete various items of paperwork to be eligible for the full funding. This will include:

  • a grant agreement, confirming the terms and conditions of the funding
  • a learning agreement, confirming what you will studied (signed by your host and your UWE Bristol department)
  • a certificate of arrival
  • a certificate of departure
  • a report on your experience.

Failure to complete the required documentation accurately and in a timely manner may result in delayed or withheld funding.

Grants are usually paid directly into the student's UK bank account in two instalments – 70 per cent on confirmation of your arrival at your placement, and 30 per cent on confirmation of the placement’s successful completion.