UWE Bristol alum Ravi Naik

"When I was a student I could only dream about winning such an award. It is a testament to the forward thinking education I received at UWE Bristol."

Ravi Naik, Human Rights Lawyer of the Year 2018
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Ravi Naik Human Rights Lawyer of the Year 2018

Ravi Naik is a Human Rights Lawyer and partner at Irvine Thanvi Natas (ITN) Solicitors, known for his ground-breaking work on data rights. In October 2018, he was named Human Rights Lawyer of the Year by the Law Society at the annual Excellence Awards.

Ravi studied LLB(Hons) at UWE Bristol, graduating in 2006. He is best known for his work on cases that protect individuals' data rights, representing clients in some of the world’s most high profile and controversial cases. Notably, Ravi acts for the claimants in the lead claims against Cambridge Analytica for political profiling, as well as numerous other precedent setting data rights cases.

Katie Alcott

After suffering dysentery in India, Katie Alcott pledged to make a difference to people worldwide who lack safe drinking water. And she has. To date, her charity work has reached more than 386,500 people with safe water and sanitation. Katie is a pioneering social entrepreneur, CEO and founder of FRANK Water. She studied Fine Arts at UWE Bristol and was awarded an Honorary Master Business Administration in 2013.

Silas Adekunle

Silas Adekunle is the founder and former CEO of Reach Robotics. Working at the cutting edge of robotic technology, Silas has always sought to inspire the next generation. His business was supported in its early days by the Bristol Robotics Laboratory incubator programme and Future Space – a workspace for innovators at UWE Bristol.

UWE Bristol alumni Neha Chaudhry

"It seems unbelievable that I made something which could really help people, even if it is to a small extent. It's a great feeling for me - and the patients are so happy somebody is thinking of them."

Neha Chaudhry, founder of Walk to Beat, a ‘smart’ walking stick for people with Parkinson’s disease.
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Neha Chaudhry founder of Walk to Beat, a ‘smart’ walking stick for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Neha studied MSc Marketing and BSc(Hons) Product Design Technology.

Neha Chaudhry is the founder of Walk to Beat, a ‘smart’ walking stick for people with Parkinson’s disease. Neha was inspired to help people after witnessing her late grandad struggle with the condition.

The stick uses circuitry concealed in its handle to monitor walking patterns and provides vibrations that help overcome the freezing and falls commonly experienced by people living with Parkinson's. It has attracted the attention of the NHS and Parkinson’s UK charity.

Neha first researched the stick during her final year degree project. She was awarded a grant to develop the idea from the UWE Bristol Fund (which raises money through donations from alumni, staff and students). This cash boost, along with other investments and partnerships, has enabled her to take the idea from concept to reality.

UWE Bristol alumni Nathan Filer

"I feel a great pride in being a qualified nurse, and consider my time at UWE Bristol to have been a defining period in my life. I have many happy memories from my time there."

Nathan Filer, Costa Book prize-winning Author
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Nathan Filer Costa Book prize-winning Author

Nathan studied BSc(Hons) Mental Health Nursing

He started off studying Mental Health Nursing, but Nathan Filer later embarked on a career as a successful author. In 2015, UWE Bristol awarded Nathan with an Honorary Master of Letters.

Nathan's debut novel, The Shock of the Fall, was an outstanding success. It is an extraordinary portrait of one man’s descent into mental illness. Nathan drew on his knowledge of mental health nursing and wrote the book in his spare time.

It won The Costa Book of the Year, The Betty Trask Prize, The National Book Award for Popular Fiction and The Writers’ Guild Award for Best First Novel. It is a Sunday Times Bestseller and has been translated into 30 languages. The English language editions alone have sold over half a million copies.