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"The mentoring process was very straightforward and communication was easy through the site. All I had to do was log on to the system to respond to my mentee's questions by email."

Ben Hanham, Associate Solicitor with TLT, PGDip Legal Practice, 2011
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Ben Hanham, Associate Solicitor with TLT PGDip Legal Practice, 2011

UWE Bristol alum Ben Hanham, (PGDip Legal Practice, 2011) signed up to Alumni Connect as a mentor and was approached by a student who was looking for advice. Here is his experience of mentoring through Alumni Connect:

“I was contacted by a student who wanted to get into the legal profession and was looking for some mentoring advice about applying for junior roles. By coincidence, my firm had several open vacancies, which we had been struggling to find the right candidates for. 

After a little guidance on how to polish her CV, the mentee applied for a role at my firm and was offered, not one, but two positions. This is a great success. Alumni Connect was able to connect a student with a law firm that needed her skills. It was beneficial for us both.

Alumni Connect fully met my expectations and I would encourage more UWE Bristol graduates and students to get involved!”

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How to be a great online mentor

  • Connect through effective listening
  • Build a relationship of engagement and trust
  • Maintain an effective focus
  • Help overcome false limits, roadblocks or barriers to progress
  • Help someone grow

How to start a conversation with a mentor

  • Introduce yourself
  • Explain why you've picked them
  • Ask a question that Google can't answer