Why be mentored

Expand your UWE Bristol network

Being mentored through Alumni Connect is free. You can get direct access to great contacts and knowledgeable professionals.

Our alumni community offer their time and expertise to help you progress in your chosen career. If you’re just starting out or wanting to take the next step, you can find someone who’s been there.

Make the most of this valuable resource at your fingertips.

"I’ve learned a lot from mentors who were instrumental in shaping me, and I want to share what I’ve learned."

Herbie Hancock, Musician

Herbie Hancock Musician

Reasons to be mentored

Top reasons to be mentored

  • Get advice from alumni experts who want to help
  • Develop new professional skills
  • Make valuable connections in your chosen industry
  • It’s confidence boosting and it’s free


What services can you receive?

You can select from:

  • advice via telephone
  • advice via email
  • getting your CV reviewed
  • getting an application reviewed.


Any questions

Our Alumni Connect guide should answer any queries you have and help you make the most out of your amazing alumni community.

Don't forget to read our mentoring code of conduct.

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