UWE Bristol funds during your studies

Find out the different funds that are available to you whilst studying at UWE Bristol.

UWE Bristol is proud to offer students some additional funding to support while they study. These funds are subject to eligibility criteria and are designed to support those students experiencing financial difficulty. We aim to provide additional support to assist students a ‘financial safety net’ but not as a main source of funding. Providing this financial support can help students focus on their studies and put money worries aside.

The National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA) provide universities across the UK with hardship funding guidelines to ensure that a common, therefore equitable, assessment process is used.

Contact us

If you need money advice and you are a current student, you should complete an online InfoHub enquiry and the team will respond afterwards. This enquiry will ask you a series of questions about your circumstances so that we are best placed to answer your query as efficiently as possible.