Student Hardship Grant

The Student Hardship Grant is provided by the UWE Bristol Fund.

About the grant

The UWE Bristol Fund can provide Student Hardship Grants of up to £400 to help students facing unexpected financial problems or additional expenses to remain on their course. 

All students studying at any level currently registered at the University can apply, who are experiencing financial problems that could not reasonably have been anticipated. The grant is not available to help pay course fees or rent.

How to apply

Applications for Student Hardship Grants for the 2022/23 academic year have now closed.

Applications for grants for 2023/24 will open in October 2023.

How applications are assessed

The applications will be subject to the same scrutiny as those for other funds. If we identify spending patterns consistent with gambling, drug or alcohol addictions or other over spending habits the application will not be progressed.

As with our other funds we will offer access to support services, advice and guidance to help applicants better manage their spending and address any underlying causes. We would normally expect students to engage in any action plan or other requirements before we make any financial award. This does not preclude another application at a later date on completion of an action plan.

  • All applications are considered by the Funds Panel.
  • We aim to process all applications as soon as possible, but this may take longer during busy periods such as September and January.
  • Sometimes we have to request additional information which may result in a delay to processing.
  • We will contact you about your application via your University email address.

If you cannot access your University email address for any reason please contact IT Services to have this problem resolved. We ask in return that students in receipt of this grant help us with the promotion of the UWE Bristol Fund by giving us permission to use their stories (these will be anonymised on request), and/or their image, quotes etc.

"Without the help of donors like yourselves, people like me would be unable to complete their education to help save our planet for future generations."

Joel, BSc(Hons) Geography student and Hardship Grant recipient

Joel BSc(Hons) Geography student and Hardship Grant recipient

"You probably don't know the extent of how much this money helps people trying to make ends meet... the fact that there are people like yourself donating for this exact cause is amazing."

Mark, BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy student and Hardship Grant recipient

Mark BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy student and Hardship Grant recipient