International Summer Fund

UWE Bristol will provide funds to support EU, international and offshore undergraduate and postgraduate students during the 2024 summer vacation.

When is the International Summer Fund available?

The International Summer Fund opens on Monday 24 June 2024.

The online application form is open from midday (12:00 BST) on 24 June 2024.

Funds are limited and demand is usually high so we recommend eligible students apply as soon as possible from this date.

The fund will close on Wednesday 24 July 2024 or sooner if funds are exhausted.

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Eligible students

Eligible student include returning overseas, EU and offshore students who are unable to work because they are:

  • looking after dependants (adult or child)
  • ill or disabled
  • re-sitting examinations/coursework
  • completing a dissertation
  • on an NHS placement outside the standard course programme
  • final-year students who are re-sitting examinations/coursework.

Ineligible students

You cannot apply for the fund if you fall into any of the below categories:

  • Home (UK) students – please refer to the Summer Fund
  • students who have completed their course (even if you are starting a new one in September)
  • part-time students, unless you must attend UWE Bristol over the summer or have childcare costs incurred to maintain the place
  • students unable to secure work over the vacation, unless you satisfy one of the other eligibility criteria
  • students who fail to meet the Minimum Required Provision (MRP) for fees and living expenses during the 23/24 year.

You will be required to meet the MRP, (once tuition fees have been accounted for) before an assessment can be made for financial support over the summer vacation. This must be at least 80% of your composite living costs (CLC) + utilities + monthly rent over the year.

For example a student with rent liability of £500 per month will have a minimum required provision for the year of: 

  • CLC: £95 x 52 = £4,940
  • utility bills (if gas and/or electric liability): £23 x 52 = £1,196
  • rent: £500 x 12 = £6,000 

Total MRP is £12,136 – 20% = £9,709.

Supporting evidence

Once you have completed the online form, you will be required to submit your supporting evidence via email. A full list of the required evidence and a BACS payment form will be emailed to you once you have submitted your application form.

Evidence required includes (but may not be limited to):

  • three months of recent statements for all bank, building society, savings and ISA accounts, including the balance of all accounts on 17 June 2024
  • evidence of summer housing costs
  • evidence you have met the minimum required provision (MRP) as detailed above.

We will not be able to process your application until we receive your supporting evidence and BACS form.


If you need any further guidance, please contact the Student Money Service at or call on +44 (0)117 32 85678.

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