UWE Bristol Student Money Service

Apply for additional funds from UWE Bristol, seek advice from a Student Money Adviser about student funding or get support with managing your money.

The Student Money Service is here to help you get the funding you're entitled to and manage your money effectively. We can provide information and advice on money matters including:  

  • Getting the right funding from Student Finance England or Wales
  • Transferring, suspending or withdrawing from your studies
  • Applying for additional funding due to compelling personal reasons
  • Funding a repeat year of study 
  • Understanding your fee status

It’s important to get your finances organised so that you can make the most of your university experience. This may mean working out what money you have to live on and creating a budget. It may mean applying for additional funds from UWE Bristol. Wherever you are in your student journey, we’re here to help.

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Student Money Service factsheets

Our comprehensive factsheets are written by our Student Money Advisers and provide information, links and contact details for student funding queries. 

Repeating study

If you need to retake some modules, repeat a year of study or you are transferring to a new course without progressing a year, find out how this may affect your student funding.

Repeating study and Student Finance funding (PDF)

Compelling personal reasons

If you need to repeat a year of study or are returning to study after transferring, suspending or withdrawing from your course due to personal reasons such as ill health or bereavement, you may be able to apply for an additional year of funding from Student Finance.

Compelling personal reasons – Student Finance funding (PDF)

Full-time study on a part-time basis

If you are a full-time student on an undergraduate degree course but you want to take a year of study in a part-time mode over two academic years, find out how this may affect tuition fee loans and maintenance funding.

Full-time study on a part-time basis – Student Finance funding (PDF)

Previous study

If you have studied previously on another degree or higher education course, find out how this will affect your student funding.

Previous study and Student Finance funding (PDF)

Suspending your studies

If you are considering suspending your studies, find out how his will affect your student funding and how to get support and advice from the University.

Suspending your study and Student Finance funding (PDF)

Transferring your course

Find out about funding implications if you want to transfer courses, including transferring onto the next year of a different course, transferring without progression and suspending your studies before transferring.

Transferring your course and Student Finance funding (PDF)

Withdrawing from your course

Find out how to get advice from the University before deciding whether to withdraw from your course – and get information about accommodation, fees and your maintenance loan and benefit entitlement.

Withdrawing from your course (PDF)

Contact a Student Money Adviser

If the factsheets can’t answer your query or you want further advice, please contact our Student Money Advisers.

If you are a current UWE Bristol student, complete the InfoHub enquiry form. The form will ask about your circumstances so that we can answer your query as efficiently as possible. 

If you are a future student, email us at sms@uwe.ac.uk with your query and provide details of your situation.

Student Money Service enquiry form
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Student Money Advisers

Student Money Advisers are accredited by the National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA). They are experts in student funding.

They work to ensure that you have all the student funding you are entitled to from Student Finance England or Wales. Their advice is friendly, non-judgemental and confidential.

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