Resources for parents and supporters

Information and advice for parents and supporters to explore higher education and support their child’s decision making.

We understand that it’s a big decision for young people to make about whether to study in higher education or not. As a parent or supporter, it’s likely that you too might have some concerns about this option. These resources aim to help you feel confident in your understanding of higher education and your ability to support your son or daughter with their decision-making and potential progression into higher education.

Four students sitting at a table and working on laptops

Helping your child choose a course 

This video outlines the key benefits of studying in higher education and the different factors that your child will need to consider when choosing courses and universities. It will help you to feel more confident in supporting them with this decision-making process.

Common concerns for parents and supporters

This resource addresses some of the most common concerns that parents and supporters have about higher education and signposts to further resources that you may find useful.

Addressing common concerns about higher education (PDF)

The university application timeline

As a parent or supporter, you may play a supporting role in your child’s university application, helping them to meet their deadlines and stay on track. We’ve put together a timeline of key application dates and milestones in the application process to help you provide that support.

Undergraduate application timeline

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