Graduate destinations

2017 graduates

Every year a survey is carried out to discover the employment status of graduates across the UK six months after graduation. UWE Bristol consistently outperforms the Higher Education sector for percentage of graduates in employment.

Find out what our 2017 graduates have done after leaving UWE Bristol in each of the subject areas.

Student photographed at graduation.
Students working in front of computers

Accounting, Economics and Finance

See destinations for our Accounting, Economics and Finance graduates.

Students standing in front of medical equipment.

Allied Health Professions

See destinations for our Allied Health Professions graduates.

Person in forensic gear taking photos.

Applied Sciences

See destinations for our Applied Sciences graduates.

Student architecture model made from card.

Architecture and the Built Environment

See destinations for our Architecture and the Built Environment graduates.

Student artists in a studio.

Art and Design

See destinations for our Art and Design graduates.

Animation students working on a scene.

Arts and Cultural Industries

See destinations for our Arts and Cultural Industries graduates.

Person using specialist business computer.

Business and Management

See destinations for our Business and Management graduates.

Students playing computer games.

Computer Science and Creative Technology

See destinations for our Computer Science and Creative Technology graduates.

Student teacher working with children.

Education and Childhood

See destinations for our Education and Childhood graduates.

Two people in a maths teaching room.

Engineering, Design and Mathematics

See destinations for our Engineering, Design and Mathematics graduates.

Student sat in front of a camera in a film studio.

Film and Journalism

See destinations for our Film and Journalism graduates.

Engineering student drawing.

Geography and Environmental Management

See destinations for our Geography and Environmental Management graduates.

People offering support to someone sat on a sofa.

Health and Social Sciences

See destinations for our Health and Social Sciences graduates.

Two smartly dressed people having a conversation.


See destinations for our Law graduates.

Nursing students training in a teaching hospital.

Nursing and Midwifery

See destinations for our Nursing and Midwifery graduates.

Graduate destination data

The structure and coverage of this survey are determined by the Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA).

The survey's coverage spreads to all UWE Bristol UK first degree leavers who have successfully achieved an award on a full-time, part-time or sandwich degree within the previous six months.

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