Clearing guide for parents and supporters

Find out what Clearing is and why it could be the right option for your young person.

Our accommodation guarantee

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We guarantee accommodation for all students joining us through Clearing in 2024.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is a way to apply for a university place if your child:

  • hasn’t met the conditions of an offer
  • did meet the conditions of an offer but changed their mind
  • hasn’t received any offers (or none that they want to accept)
  • isn’t waiting on the results of any pending qualifications
  • applies after the UCAS deadline of 30 June.

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Why your child may choose to apply through Clearing

The numbers of people using Clearing has risen in recent years and it's now increasingly viewed as a standard route to university.

Many courses will still be available during Clearing and young people are often making a proactive decision to apply in this way.

If your child:

  • hasn't met the conditions of their offer, there are lots of options available to them.
  • has changed their mind about their course or the location they’ve chosen, Clearing gives them a chance to look at other universities and courses.
  • is unsure if university is right for them, they have more time to explore what they want to do.

Supporting your young person through Clearing

Find out more about the Clearing process

Getting an understanding of the Clearing process will help you provide the support and advice your child needs to navigate it successfully.

Read our Clearing preparation advice

UCAS also have a helpful parents guide to clearing.

Chat to other students

Encourage your child to ask other students about their experiences. They can do this online and it's a great way to get more personal insights on what it's like to live and study with us.

Ask a student your questions

Apply using Clearing from 5 July if they already have their results

They don't need to wait until results day to apply through Clearing if they already have their results. We consider applications and make offers from 5 July, when Clearing opens. Your child can contact us to discuss their options.

We publish our Clearing courses on 5 July.

Take a virtual tour

You and your child can get a feel for life on campus and take a look at the spaces they could be living and studying in on a virtual tour.

How Clearing works on results day

Take the time to work through options

  • The most valuable thing you can do is be there to listen, support and reassure your child.
  • Remember there is no need for them to rush into a decision. It’s good to take a step back and reflect on things.
  • Stay calm, stay positive and do as much as you can to empower them to make decisions that feel right.

Support them to get ready to call universities

Encourage them to make notes of the information they are likely to need when they call the Clearing phone line. Having personal details and exam grades to hand is essential. A few notes on why they are interested in the course and a question about the university can also be handy prompts. Their UCAS personal statement can be useful to highlight key skills and strengths.

Find out how Clearing works on results day

Once they have secured their place

Encourage your son or daughter to read up about preparing to start university and following our social channels will give you both a feel for what life at UWE Bristol is like.

Any questions about Clearing?

Our friendly Admissions team is available if you have any questions about Clearing. Call us now on +44 (0)117 32 83333.

Our phone line opening times are:

  • Monday to Thursday – 09:00 to 17:00
  • Friday – 09:00 to 16:30
  • Saturday and Sunday – closed.
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Mental health and wellbeing

Results day can feel intense and overwhelming but rest assured that the support network here will help your son or daughter make the transition and become a thriving member of our  student community. With robust and comprehensive mental health and wellbeing services, your child will feel safe and supported at UWE Bristol.

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