Accommodation guarantee

We offer guaranteed accommodation if you are a full time, foundation or first year student applying for accommodation for the first time and you submit your application by the deadline.

Terms and conditions

  • The guarantee applies to all home and international students joining us in September 2024 and who submit their accommodation preferences by Sunday 30 June 2024.
  • You must be entering into your first year of studies at the University. If you have lived with us in your foundation year, you will not be eligible for UWE Bristol managed accommodation in your next year of studies.
  • You will be made an offer of accommodation in UWE Bristol owned or partner accommodation. This may be located in Bristol city centre and we cannot guarantee that it will be one of your top preferences.
  • Applicants who decline the offer of accommodation or fail to accept within the timescale will forfeit the guarantee, and the accommodation offer will be withdrawn.
  • You can still apply for accommodation via Clearing but the guarantee deadline will have passed. Applications are made through the Accommodation Portal and the Accommodation team will be in touch if any rooms become available.

Next steps