How to apply for accommodation

When and how to apply for our UWE Bristol accommodation including information about our accommodation guarantee, how to pay and contract information.

1. Set up an account on the Accommodation Portal

From March 2024, all applicants who have accepted an offer with UWE Bristol (i.e. Conditional Firm (CF) or Unconditional Firm (UF)) will be emailed and invited to create an account in the accommodation portal. Setting up an account will make sure you are ready to submit your accommodation preferences in June.

Use an email address that you can access. Don’t use your school, college or agent’s email address in your application as it is unlikely that you will be able to access it once you start university.

2. Submit your accommodation preferences

From Thursday 13 June 2024 at 13:00 (BST), applicants can submit their accommodation preferences in the Accommodation Portal, provided you have accepted your offer to study at UWE Bristol. Accommodation Services will then allocate you a room based on your preferences.

When submitting an application, you will be asked to rank all six options in order of preference:

  • Frenchay shared bathroom
  • Frenchay ensuite
  • City Centre shared bathroom
  • City Centre ensuite
  • Studio
  • Glenside/The Hollies shared bathroom.

If you submit an application by Sunday 30 June, and meet the other terms of the Accommodation Guarantee, then you will secure a room in UWE Bristol accommodation.

3. Accept your offer of accommodation and pay your deposit

Within four weeks of submitting an application for accommodation, you will receive an email with an offer of accommodation.

Keep an eye out because offers must be accepted within five calendar days and the Advance Rent Payment paid in full. This reserves the room for September with a legally binding Licence Agreement.

If circumstances change (for instance you decide you are no longer coming to study at UWE Bristol) then you’ll need to contact Accommodation Services by the end of August so that we can release you from the Licence Agreement and refund the Advance Rent Payment.

If you need any further information, please email the Accommodation Team at

Further information

Current and postgraduate students

If you have lived in our accommodation during your foundation year or undergraduate degree, we can give you information on finding a home in the private sector.

Students with additional needs

We offer fully-accessible, adapted rooms on Frenchay Campus for students with additional needs. Make sure you apply early if you want one of these, however if you require adaptations to your accommodation, you can fill in the accommodation medical questionnaire before applications open, so we are aware of any additional needs.

Students with partners and families

If you're coming here with your partner, family or other dependants, we don't have enough rooms to accommodate them too. The same applies to students at associated institutions. Fortunately, there's lots of private rental property available in Bristol.

Contract information

If you move into University-managed accommodation, you'll have a contract with us, which is legally binding. We'll email this to you when we send you your accommodation offer.

The contract sets out the terms and conditions of your residency. Please take the time to read these carefully.

Here's a summary of the main points you need to be aware of:

  • Your rental agreement length will depend on the property – most are 42 weeks. This includes Christmas and Easter breaks, so you won't need to vacate your room during the holidays.
  • If you leave the University, you need to give written notice (by completing a notice letter) and leave your accommodation.
  • If want to leave your accommodation but aren't leaving the University, you'll still need to pay the rent, unless a replacement student signs a new contract for your room. The replacement student is only eligible if they don't have an accommodation contract with UWE Bristol, Capitol Students or Unite Students already.
  • See section 8 of the terms and conditions for the rules around being released from your rental agreement.

City centre accommodation

Our city centre accommodation is managed by Unite Students or Capitol Students. For details of their terms and conditions, please contact:

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