Private accommodation

Where to find private rented accommodation and what to watch out for.

Finding the right private accommodation

Lots of our students choose to live in private rented accommodation, especially undergraduate students in their second or final year, postgraduate students and students with families.

Our Students’ Union Advice Centre offers independent advice on private renting issues. For property-related or maintenance advice contact your letting agency or landlord directly.

When and where to find private accommodation

Places to look for private accommodation and when to start.

Finding private accommodation
Private accommodation in Bristol

The fine print

Contracts and negotiations

You'll normally need to sign a written tenancy agreement to secure your accommodation.

There are two types of these:

  • assured shorthold tenancy
  • licence to occupy (lodger agreement).


Rules and regulations

Landlords have a legal responsibility to make sure the accommodation they provide for you to live in is safe and in good repair.

When you first look round, and later on when you move in, keep the following safety issues in mind – and raise anything you’re concerned about straight away.