Private accommodation costs

Helpful information on budgeting when living in private accommodation.

Costs to budget for

If you’re living in private rented accommodation, you’ll need to budget for certain bills on top of your rent.

Gas and electric

If you’re living in your own privately-rented house or flat, gas and electricity charges won’t usually be included. You’ll need to make your own arrangements for paying these, and split them between the residents, as appropriate.

Make sure you contact the gas and electricity providers to give them your meter readings at the start and end of your tenancy – so they only bill you for the energy you use.

If you’re living in a resident landlord property, gas and electricity charges are often included in your rent. However, you’ll need to check this with your landlord before you move in.

Council tax

You won’t need to pay this as a student as long as you provide the local authority with your exemption certificate. You can download one of these from MyUWE. See our student council tax FAQs (PDF) for more information. Your exemption will only cover you while you’re officially registered as a full-time student.

TV licence

It’s your responsibility to buy either a joint or an individual licence, depending on the type of tenancy agreement you’ve signed. If you have any queries, see this TV Licensing information.

Contents insurance

University-managed accommodation includes personal possessions insurance in the rent, but private accommodation doesn’t, so you’ll need to take out your own insurance. You can get a quote through Cover4students, who are one of the companies providing insurance to students living in private accommodation, or you could have a look at the usual comparison websites.

Water and sewerage

Landlords are normally responsible for paying water and sewerage bills, but check your contract to confirm this.