Additional support

Accessible, adapted rooms available on Frenchay Campus.

Additional support options

Assistive animals in accommodation

We can accommodate guide dogs and other assistance animals in the Frenchay Student Village and Wallscourt Park. This accommodation is first-come, first-served, so let us know your requirements as soon as possible. We will require formal evidence from a doctor before we can process a request of this nature and your animal must be registered as a support animal.

Hearing and visual impairments

We can include visual fire alarms and vibrating pad alarms for students with hearing impairments.

Individual adaptations

We may be able to make other adaptations on an individual basis, for example if you have a visual impairment, or need a personal medication fridge/freezer (as long as we get enough notice these are needed).

Need adaptations or a specific room type?

Please let us know your requirements as early as possible and get your application for accommodation in early. We’ll contact you for more information to make sure we’re clear on your specific needs.

Personal assistants

If you require a Personal Assistant (PA), you can book an additional room within your accommodation. In order to guarantee availability, we will need a reasonable amount of notice for this requirement and additional charges will apply.

Medical questionnaire

After submitting your Accommodation Application, please complete a medical questionnaire to give us more detailed information to support your accommodation application – we may ask you to supply medical evidence to support your request.

Need extra support?

Our Wellbeing Service is here to help. See their useful information for parents, guardians and friends and self-help resources.

Want to discuss your support needs?

Please contact our Disability Service to speak with a disability advisor. 

Accessible rooms

Our accessible rooms are comfy, cosy and welcoming. Right at the heart of Frenchay Campus – handy for everything – they're adapted to empower you. You can expect:

  • Wider doors and extra floor space
  • Practical bathrooms
  • Sinks with lever taps
  • Rails to make transitions easier
  • Adjustable basin, sink, hob and desk heights.

Need extra help? No problem. You can also book an additional room for your carer or personal assistant. Note: additional charges will apply.

Exterior of student accommodation at Frenchay campus

Personal assistants

Employing a personal assistant

Once you receive funding for your support, it is important that you engage a suitably skilled, trained individual or team of individuals to support your independent living. You may benefit from advice provided by Disability Rights UK, the Quality Care Commission, or your local social services.

When you employ someone directly, you will be wholly responsible for line managing your employee. Please consider the following: the interview process, employer liability insurance, tax, national insurance, holiday pay, sick pay, expenses, etc. It is not possible for the University to provide advice on these matters. You should seek appropriate legal and accounting advice on the implications of becoming an employer. WECIL or People Plus are agencies that provide support to manage PAs (personal assistants)– or advice can be sought from Bristol City Council Health and Social Care, also known as Care Direct.

Please see the following link for further information / guidance: Disability Rights UK - being in control getting personal assistants.

In addition, you will be responsible for your PA’s conduct/ behaviour in and around the University. You will also have to consider what you will do in the event that your personal assistant becomes ill or takes annual leave. The University will need to be satisfied that the care package recommended by Social Services is sufficient, but the University cannot take responsibility for deficiencies in the support package such as the PA becoming ill, or not providing adequate support. For further advice on all these issues, you should contact Social Services.

Living in residence with a personal assistant

If you are living in UWE Bristol accommodation with a PA, they are subject to the same conditions of licence agreement as other residents. However, because the PA’s accommodation will be booked through you, you are responsible for their behaviour. You will also be responsible for ensuring that the PA has a current DBS check.