Additional support

Accessible, adapted rooms available on Frenchay Campus.

Accessible rooms

Our accessible rooms are comfy, cosy and welcoming. Right at the heart of Frenchay Campus – handy for everything – they're adapted to empower you. You can expect:

  • Wider doors and extra floor space
  • Practical bathrooms
  • Sinks with lever taps
  • Rails to make transitions easier
  • Adjustable basin, sink, hob and desk heights.

Need extra help? No problem. You can also book an additional room for your carer or personal assistant. Note: additional charges will apply.

Additional support options

Assistive animals in accommodation

We can accommodate guide dogs and other assistance animals in the Frenchay Student Village and Wallscourt Park. This accommodation is first-come, first-served, so let us know your requirements as soon as possible. We will require formal evidence from a doctor before we can process a request of this nature.

Hearing and visual impairments

We can include visual fire alarms and vibrating pad alarms for students with hearing impairments.

Individual adaptations

We may be able to make other adaptations on an individual basis, for example if you have a visual impairment, or need a personal medication fridge/freezer (as long as we get enough notice these are needed).

Need adaptations or a specific room type?

Please let us know your requirements as early as possible and get your application for accommodation in early. We’ll contact you for more information to make sure we’re clear on your specific needs.

Medical questionnaire

Please complete a medical questionnaire to give us more detailed information to support your accommodation application – we'll also need to have a chat with your doctor.

Need extra support?

Our Wellbeing Service is here to help. See their useful information for parents, guardians and friends and self-help resources.

Want to discuss your support needs?

Contact our disability advisors in our Disability Service.