Support in the way you need it

We provide the support you need to thrive. Whether it's a listening ear, accessing medical care or 24/7 crisis support, we've got you covered.

Access health and wellbeing services

Access health services

Find out how to access local and campus health services.

Get wellbeing support

If you need somebody to talk, there is somebody who can help – in the way you'd like to be helped at any time of day.

Wellbeing self-help

Manage your own wellbeing through a range of self-help resources.

Get help if you have a disability

Support services, funding and application advice as well as reasonable adjustments.

Faith and spirituality

Find out about places for prayer, worship and private reflection, connect with others and get pastoral advice.

Stay fit and healthy

Ways to get active, how to eat well, quitting smoking, and advice on drugs and alcohol and sexual health.

Stay safe on and off campus

Ways to speak up if you hear or see something that’s not right or think someone is at risk and what to do if there is an accident or emergency.

Support for carer, care leaver and estranged students

Support services and financial support.

"I have felt really supported by UWE Bristol. My lecturers and personal tutors have helped me with balancing my life as a carer. UWE Cares and the Wellbeing Service have been great for support and counselling."

Isla, BA(Hons), History

Isla, BA(Hons) History

Students talk about mental health

Hear first hand from our student mental health nurses, who offer their top ten tips for good mental health.

What helps you feel good?

Eating well, getting active, finding ways to relax and trying new things all encourage a healthy mind and body.

Ways to relax

University life can be busy and when we are busy it can feel like we don't have time to relax and take care of ourselves. But, it is really important to take some time to focus on your wellbeing.

  • Talk, seek help, and engage in activities that benefit your mental health.
  • Everybody deserves a break – taking time out can re-energise you.
  • Manage your stress levels with self-care strategies that work for you.
  • Everyone has their own ways to relax – we’ll empower you to find yours.