What to do in the event of an accident, emergency or fire, how to report anything that has made you feel upset or uncomfortable and how to raise a welfare concern about a student.

Accidents or emergencies

Emergency contacts, first aid guidance, defibrillator locations and how to report accidents.


In the event of an emergency, please phone the University’s emergency number, which is +44 (0)117 328 9999 on a mobile phone or 9999 if you’re using a telephone connected to the University network. There are emergency phones in buildings on campus for you to have direct contact with security staff.

Your call will be answered as a priority by staff trained to respond appropriately and provide assistance. They'll also arrange to guide emergency services to your location.

You can prefix the emergency number into your mobile phone, it is also recorded on the back of your university swipe card.

Something unsafe?

You can report anything that appears unsafe on a campus, either in person at an Information Point or by contacting the Estates and Facilities Helpdesk:

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Fire safety

Read through our fire safety guidance to help you to say safe when you're on UWE Bristol premises, including evacuation support for disabled students.

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Speak Up

We want to create an inclusive campus where antisocial attitudes and behaviours are challenged.

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Find out how to raise a safeguarding concern. We take all safeguarding concerns seriously and take proportionate and appropriate action.

See something that's not right? Report and Support logo

Report and support

Our online tool will help you speak up when you see or hear something that's not right.

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Bristol Allies

Every student should feel like they belong to our UWE Bristol community. Find out what is an ally, why it's important and how to become one.

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Anti-Sexual Violence Service

We offer confidential support if you’ve experienced sexual trauma of any kind, recently or in the past.

"There is a constant 24-hour security presence on site at UWE and they are fantastic in what they do."

Ethan, Student

Ethan Student

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