Speak Up

If a situation doesn't feel right, Speak Up.

Challenge behaviours

We want to create an inclusive campus where diversity is celebrated, antisocial attitudes and behaviours are challenged and any type of harassment, assault and discrimination aren't acceptable. We want you to speak up if you see or hear something that's not right, and be an active bystander.

If you hear people make racist comments or someone touch a part of your body without consent, call them out. Be an individual who is aware that someone’s behaviour is inappropriate or threatening, and then actively challenges it. But only intervene when it is safe for you to do so. If it’s not safe, intervene later and get help. The golden rule is your safety comes first.

In an emergency:

If it’s not an emergency, contact our 24-hour Security Team on +44 (0)117 32 86404.

Challenge behaviours

You can challenge inappropriate behaviour in many ways:

  • Direct: Let people know that their actions or language are unacceptable, explaining why it is not OK.
  • Distract: Indirectly intervene. For example, interrupt, start a conversation with the person to allow their potential target to move away or have friends intervene.
  • Delegate: If you spot a situation that worries you, find someone to help. This could be a more senior member of staff or someone in authority.
  • Delay: Wait for the situation to pass and check in with the individual. Take action at a later stage when you have had time to consider. It is never too late to act. One way of intervening is to report it through Report and Support.

Staying safe during coronavirus

Our home is ever more important to us during lockdown, for most it will be a place of sanctuary but there will be some living in very difficult and perhaps unsafe situations. Domestic abuse support services are working through lockdown and help is available.

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Report and Support tool

Our online tool has been developed for UWE Bristol students to get help if you've experienced something on campus or on university business that makes you feel upset or uncomfortable.

With Report and Support, you can choose to speak with one of our trained advisers so they can discretely investigate incidents, or you can report issues anonymously.

Access Report and Support
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Help us create an inclusive campus

Our short films explain inappropriate behaviour:


Consent is mutual and a free choice. If you're not sure about a situation, ask. It’s your right to have control over your body, to express what you want; when; with whom and how, to change your mind and stop at any time. It’s your responsibility to respect the same rights of others.

Unwanted touching and groping

Everyone has the right to not be touched by another when they haven't consented. Unwanted sexual touching and groping is a crime.

Initiation and humiliation ceremonies

Initiation and humiliation ceremonies are forms of bullying, and aren’t okay. We expect everyone at UWE Bristol to respect others.

Inappropriate use of social media

Misusing social media, such as cyberbullying or sharing someone’s image without their consent, can have lasting and legal consequences.

Domestic abuse

Controlling someone’s behaviour, choices and freedom is abuse. It’s a crime that can take many forms including physical, sexual, psychological, financial, verbal or emotional.

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Speak Up society

Take action today, become a Speak Up ambassador and join the Speak Up students’ society. You will have the chance to engage with other students and make a real difference for your community and the wider society. For more information and how to join, please email edi@uwe.ac.uk.

Find out more about Speak Up

You can get in touch with any questions or comments about Speak Up through speakupinfo@uwe.ac.uk. Please note that you can't report an incident this way.

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