Callmy Alert

UWE Bristol's emergency notification system

Logo for the CallMy app, featuring a red circle and words Callmy in grey.UWE Bristol is a very safe place to live, learn, work and visit. 

In the unlikely event of a major incident at the University, we contact students and staff quickly using an app-based emergency notification system called Callmy Alert. 

We only use it in serious situations to let people know what they should do and then to let them know when the situation is over. 

We recommend that all students and staff download the free Callmy Alert app so we can contact you instantly to let you know what is happening.

Please use your UWE Bristol email address to register on the app, not your mobile number.

The app can be downloaded on all smartphones – click the link, use the QR code below or search for Callmy Alert in your usual app store.

Download the Callmy Alert app

A QR code directing to the download options for the Callmy Alert mass messaging app.

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