Support for student carers, care leavers and estranged students

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We understand that going to university can be tough if you have little or no family support, so our UWE Cares package of support can help. We're here as a point of contact throughout your whole time at UWE Bristol – from application to graduation. We can help in a number of ways, including offering pastoral and social support.

We support UK undergraduate students who:

  • have experience of living in supported housing, local authority or foster care
  • are permanently estranged or separated from their parents, or whose parents have passed away
  • who care for an ill or disabled family member as a student carer.

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We can support you in a number of ways, such as information and guidance, accommodation, and finance.

Get support from us
Two people talking at a table in Onezone on Frenchay Campus

"The UWE Cares service gave me hope: they were my electric blanket in the cold, dark times. They gave me information about counselling, budget planning and helped me meet other students in a similar position."

Louisa, BA(Hons) Fine Art

Louisa BA(Hons) Fine Art

“My mum had bipolar tendencies. One minute she would be totally fine, having a laugh, the next, she'd be chasing me screaming, throwing things, and I’d find myself trapped inside my room with my bed against my door, hoping she wouldn't find a way in. 

"I spoke to someone at college in student services and found out that there was a young person’s hostel I could move into. Moving out was extremely difficult. Of course I loved my mum and we had had some amazing memories together, but it came to a point where the bad times were extremely outweighing the good and my studies were really starting to reflect this. I decided to go it alone and become estranged.

"I was always extremely worried about how I would survive at university, coming from a bank account with £0, and no-one to back me up financially or emotionally. The UWE Cares service was like the parents I never had. They helped with anything I needed for my course and there was always a friendly face I could go to who would listen and help.

"Studying Fine Art at UWE Bristol has given me more confidence than I ever imagined possible. I am a completely different person now.”

UWE Cares video

Our animation, made by graduate and care leaver Rediat Abayneh, explains how we can support you.