Discover Bristol

One of Bristol's harbourside cranes.

Bristol. Your new home.

Bristol is a city that's famous for its rebellious streak, independent thinking, and edgy creativity. What's more, it's a welcoming place to be and great place to work, with polls to prove it:

  • One of the best places to live in the UK (The Times, 2023)
  • Britain's 3rd greenest city (University of Sheffield, published by Plos One 2022)
  • Best place to live in the UK (outside of London) for under 26s (BBC Newsbeat, 2019)

A city booming with potential, it's the perfect place to discover yours.

View of Clifton Suspension Bridge

Discover Bristol

Discover your full potential in the vibrant and creative city of Bristol.

Things to do in Bristol

Like music? Arts? Culture? Sports? Whatever you’re into, you’ll find it – and then some. Inspiration, fitness, food, green space, and the best free festivals to boot.

Food and drink

Bristol's food and drink scene is delicious, diverse and really affordable.


Bristol's shops are as independent and unique as its people, as well as having the big named brands and high street stores.

Art and culture

Home to Wallace and Gromit, Alfred the gorilla and the street art of Stokes Croft, Bristol's got lots to offer.

Outdoor spaces

Green space and water provide a restorative backdrop to the city buzz.


Whether you're into wellness, graffiti, balloons, boats, arts or music; in Bristol there'll be a festival for it.

Where is Bristol?

1. Bristol

Bristol is a city located in the South West of England.

2. Bath

Bath is 15 minutes by train from Bristol Temple Meads station.

3. London

London is 90 minutes by train or a couple of hours by coach – we even have our own Megabus stop at Frenchay Campus.

4. Bristol International Airport

Bristol International Airport connects the area to the world.

More about Bristol...


The city in stats and factlets – all of the things you might not know.


Bristol’s eventful history spans pioneers, engineers, explorers and adventurers.

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