Student study essentials

We explain some of the key things you need to know and where to go for more help if you need it.  

All areas of your studies are governed by a set of rules known as the Academic Regulations. They cover a vast range of issues you may come across in your time as a student. Their role is to assure the University’s academic standards but also to ensure that all of our students are treated consistently and equitably.

The full set of regulations and the key facts to be aware of are available on the academic regulations and procedures web pages.

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Get support


For raising concerns about potential irregularities in the assessment process after your results have been formally confirmed and published.


If you are dissatisfied with any of the academic aspects of your teaching and/or assessments, you can submit a complaint to the University.


View guidance around submitting coursework, including deadline information and how to collect your coursework.

Degree classifications and credits

Find out how degree classifications and differential levels of award are calculated.


Guidance to help you through the exam process, including what to expect and how to get your results.

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

An electronic report that will capture your academic achievements and extra curricular activities during your time at the University.

Learning and teaching terminology

Key terms used around learning, teaching and assessment methods across the University.

Marks and feedback

Key information about pass marks, how credits are awarded and receiving feedback.

Personal circumstances

Processes to help you if you’re facing difficult circumstances.

Prepare for assessments

Get help for assessments and preparing for assignments.

Resits and retakes

Guidance for if you need to resit or retake an assessment or module.

Suspending your studies

For if you're struggling with your studies and/or assessments due to serious but temporary circumstances and need to take a break from study.

Who can I talk to if I need help?

If you need help or support, please make an appointment to speak to a Student Support Adviser.

Alternatively, our Information Points can put you in contact with the relevant specialist team who have the expertise to help you, depending on what your needs are.

How to contact an Information Point

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