We want all our students to be able to succeed and so we want to support you if personal difficulties or circumstances affect your studies and mean that you may be unable to complete, submit or attend assessments. If this happens to you please contact us and we will give you advice and support.

Our Information Point staff will help you understand the options available, and can refer you to specialist staff or support processes as appropriate to your situation. Please see below if you would like to find out more about the support processes we offer.

No mark capping if you need to resit or retake

Module marks are no longer capped at the pass mark if you need a resit or a retake and have not been previously capped. However, if you had component or module marks capped at an exam board which took place prior to 1 August 2019 these will remain capped.

More support processes

If you missed an assessment

Student Support Advisers can advise you of the implications if you have missed or are likely to miss an assessment and guide you through any options that may be available.

If personal difficulties affected your assessment 

You can use the exceptional removal of a mark process if you have attempted an assessment but feel that you shouldn’t have done, or if you are taken ill during an assessment.

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