Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) at UWE Bristol is an electronic report that will capture your academic achievements and extra curricular activities during your time at the University including:

  • Your personal details.
  • Information on your qualification.
  • Details on the modules you have studied and your results.
  • Additional information on your UWE Bristol verified extra curricular achievements.

What you will see on your report

Year 1 students You will be able to view general programme information plus a description of your course content.

Year 2 students You will start to see module results and any UWE Bristol verified extra curricular activity.

Year 3 students The report will include your degree classification, list of all module results, and a completed list of UWE Bristol verified extra curricular activities. Please note all your final marks will be on your HEAR post publication date.

If you have a query about your report, please review the myUWE guidance for who to contact.

How to view, update and save your report

  • View your report: You can view your personal HEAR through myUWE. Final year students please see HEAR guidelines.
  • Update your report: All verified extra curricular activities you have successfully undertaken will be automatically added to your HEAR report. However, if any other information is missing, see the HEAR guidelines to find out who to contact.
  • Printing and saving: Your HEAR report is print ready and can be saved/used at anytime throughout your time at the university.

Examples of UWE Bristol verified extra curricular activities and achievements

  • Becoming a Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Leader – to facilitate a minimum of 90 per cent PAL sessions over the course of the academic year.
  • Becoming a Student Rep via election/certification.
  • Receiving any of the following The Students' Union at UWE Bristol awards:
  • Student Rep Awards (Lifetime Achievement, Most Dedicated, Outstanding Contribution, Best Chairperson, The Student Rep Award, Halls Rep Award).
  • Sports Awards (Half Colours, Full Colours, Full Colours with Merit, Full Colours with Distinction, Student Volunteer, Sports Personality).
  • Society Awards (Colours, Personality of the Year).
  • Undertake the role of a The Students' Union at UWE Bristol committee member via election.
  • Receiving a University prize – these are awarded to final year students in recognition of outstanding academic achievement, or other notable contribution to the life of the University.
  • Receiving an Employability Award – awarded to students for outstanding excellent personal achievement in a range of employability projects and schemes including internships, placements, volunteering, graduate futures, green and entrepreneur projects.
  • Involvement in the activities of the Centre for Music to attend a minimum of 90 per cent of rehearsals and take part in all performances over the academic year in any chosen musical activity or to have made a significant contribution to the Centre for Music education and outreach activities or general activities.

HEAR guidelines

HEAR guidelines are accessible through myUWE and provide further information on the different sections within your HEAR report.


Benefits of your HEAR

The report will summarise your achievements and help you to:

  • Provide employers with an official record of your accomplishments verified by the university.
  • Plan and prepare for your future career.
  • Prepare your CV and job applications.