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Whether you want to play competitively with Team UWE Bristol, try something new through MOVE or raise your game through the Performance Sport programme, explore all of the sports and activities you can get involved in at UWE Bristol.

Student playing volleyball at the Centre for Sport.

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A-B Aerobic Individual MOVE

Aerial hoop

  • Try this visually captivating activity performed on a circular steel hoop suspended from the ceiling or ribbon silks.

Outdoor A-B Team

American Football

  • Welcoming all levels of experience, Team UWE Bristol American Football plays in the Premier league at BUCS.

Indoor A-B Outdoor Individual


  • Learn how to become an archer with the archery club.

Outdoor A-B Athletics Individual


  • Including track and field events, join the athletics club to take part in your chosen discipline.

Indoor A-B Raquet sport Individual MOVE


  • Play casually through the MOVE programme or join the club to play competitively.

A-B Individual MOVE


  • Barre class is inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and pilates.

Outdoor A-B Team MOVE


  • Access basketball at different levels including through the MOVE programme and Team UWE Bristol Basketball club.

Outdoor A-B Team

Baseball and softball

  • A fun and inclusive baseball and softball club that’s open to all levels of ability.

Water Adventure Outdoor A-B Individual


  • Get on the water through UWE Boat and give rowing or coxing a go.

A-B Individual Martial arts


  • Get an all-body workout through the UWE Boxing Club.

Indoor Outdoor Team Aerobic C-D


  • The UWE Comets cheerleading squad is inclusive and welcomes all abilities.

Adventure Outdoor Individual MOVE C-D


  • Learn how to climb through dedicated courses, the MOVE programme or develop your skills by joining the climbing club.

C-D Individual MOVE Indoor

Core strength

  • Classes at the Centre for Sport to help you strengthen your abs, legs and core.

Outdoor Team C-D


  • Develop your batting, bowling and fielding skills through the Team UWE Bristol Cricket Club.

Outdoor Individual C-D


  • Build your cycling skills and explore the great outdoors through the cycling club.

Indoor C-D Team Studio Aerobic


  • From hip hop to ballet to jazz, there's something for you with Team UWE Bristol Dance.

Indoor Studio Individual Aerobic MOVE C-D

Dance fitness

  • For a workout, try zumba, dance fitness, step aerobic or carnival fitness.

Indoor Individual E-G


  • Get involved with the fast-paced sport of fencing through the fencing club.

Outdoor Team MOVE E-G


  • Whether you are a football fanatic or just want to have a kick about, there are plenty of football options.

Outdoor Team MOVE E-G


  • Take part through the MOVE programme or join the Team UWE Bristol Futsal Club.

Adventure Outdoor E-G Individual


  • Learn the techniques to fly safely through the Team UWE Bristol Gliding Club.

Outdoor Individual Indoor E-G


  • The golf club is open to players of all levels and tuition is available from our coaches.

Indoor E-G Individual Aerobic


  • Team UWE Bristol Gymnastics welcomes people of every gymnastic discipline and is open to all levels of ability.

Adventure Outdoor Individual H-K


  • Get outside and explore the best that nature has to offer through the UWE Hiking Club.

Outdoor Team H-K


  • From the competitive hockey club to casual sessions through MOVE, get involved in hockey at UWE Bristol.

Indoor Individual Aerobic Studio MOVE H-K

Hula hooping

  • Learn the many styles of hula hooping with the key elements being movement, expression, and enjoyment.

Indoor Martial arts Individual H-K

Jiu Jitsu

  • Offered by Team UWE Bristol, Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that focuses on self-defence.

Indoor Martial arts Individual H-K


  • Improve your fitness and flexibility by learning traditional and sports karate with the Team UWE Bristol Karate Club.

Indoor Martial arts Individual H-K

Kickboxing and Muay Thai

  • Take part in a full-contact combat sport that targets your general fitness.

Outdoor L-Q Team


  • Lacrosse is a fast-paced team sport. Both experienced players and beginners are welcome.

L-Q MOVE Individual Indoor


  • Practice relaxation and centring your mind using simple meditation techniques known as wuxi meditation.

Outdoor Indoor Individual L-Q


  • UWE Motorsports is a karting club that is open to all levels – and you don't need a driving licence.

Indoor L-Q Team MOVE


  • Take part in the social netball league through the MOVE programme or join the Team UWE Bristol Netball Club.

Indoor L-Q Studio Individual MOVE


  • Pilates is a holistic exercise that elongates, strengthens and restores the body to balance.

Outdoor L-Q Team Equestrian


  • Through Team UWE Bristol Polo you can get training and experience of this fast-paced, horse-back activity.

Outdoor L-Q Team


  • A fun team game inspired by quidditch in the Harry Potter book series.

Outdoor R-S Individual Equestrian


  • The Team UWE Bristol Riding Club caters for all levels of ability, from non-riders to regular competitors.

Outdoor R-S Team

Rugby Union

  • Whether you’re a seasoned player or want to try rugby for the first time, join one of the Team UWE Bristol Rugby Clubs.

Outdoor Team T-U MOVE

Touch rugby

  • Touch rugby is an inclusive, minimal-contact sport that welcomes everyone.

Outdoor R-S Individual MOVE


  • Catering for all levels of ability, find a running group to join at UWE Bristol.

Water Adventure Outdoor R-S Team


  • From social sailing to competitive sailing, the Team UWE Bristol Sailing Club offers a range of activities.

Indoor Adventure Outdoor R-S Individual


  • Get back to the slopes and join the snowsports club.

Indoor R-S Raquet sport Individual MOVE


  • develop your skills by joining the performance team, accessing beginner’s sessions through MOVE or joining the club.

Water Adventure Outdoor Individual R-S


  • The Team UWE Bristol Surf Club is beginner-friendly with lots of opportunities to learn and trips to the coast.

Water Indoor Team Individual R-S MOVE

Swimming and water polo

  • The UWE Swimming and Water Polo Club welcomes all levels of ability, with training available for beginners.

Water Indoor Individual Raquet sport T-U MOVE

Table tennis

  • Whether you want to join UWE Table Tennis or attend relaxed drop-in sessions, there's opportunities to get involved.

Indoor T-U Individual Martial arts MOVE

Tai chi and Qi Gong

  • Tai chi and Qi Gong sessions will help you to find balance in body and mind.

Outdoor Indoor Individual T-U Raquet sport


  • The UWE Tennis Club welcomes social and competitive players who want to improve their game.

Indoor T-U Individual Aerobic


  • The UWE Trampoline Club is open to all abilities and coaching is available.

Outdoor T-U Team Indoor

Ultimate frisbee

  • The UWE Ultimate Frisbee Club is a fun activity that is open to all levels of ability.

Indoor Team V-Z MOVE


  • You can join the UWE Volleyball Club or go to relaxed weekly bookable sessions with MOVE.

Indoor Disability Team V-Z MOVE

Wheelchair basketball

  • Community wheelchair basketball sessions run at the Centre for Sport.

Water Adventure Outdoor Individual V-Z


  • The UWE Windsurf Club is beginner-focused, with coaching available for all levels of windsurfer.

Indoor Studio Individual MOVE V-Z


  • Yoga is great for stress release, connecting body to mind and exercise.


Zorb football

  • Try this fun team sport, in which players are encased in an inflated bubble called a zorb.

Team UWE Bristol

Join one of our student sports teams and have fun playing at a competitive level.

Team UWE Bristol
Team UWE Bristol members at Hillside Gardens.

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