MOVE meditation activity sessions

Through these online classes you will practise a simple but effective meditation technique used in Tai chi and Qi Gong practise, which is known as wuxi meditation. Good meditation practice is not just about relaxation, but about finding the centre of the mind, using good body posture and breathing exercises as a foundation.

Together, we will practise in three stages: stretching and opening the spine and joints, breathing and sound vibration techniques, and then finding and holding the quiet space within ourselves. This will be a lovely, calming, lying down or seated meditation that will set you up for the weekend. It has a cleansing effect on the whole body, re-balances the nervous system, quietens the mind, and helps regulate emotions.

It is suitable for people who have never done any meditation before as well as more experienced practitioners. You will need a mat to lie on, warm clothes and/or a blanket - it is important not to get cold during meditation exercises.

When: These classes will be run online. Join our online classes

Cost: Free