Get help finding a placement

Finding a placement

Top tips from UWE Bristol students on how to find a placement.

Getting started

When to start looking

Start your search well ahead of your deadline and bear in mind that some employers can recruit up to a year in advance. It is a competitive process and taking the time to develop your application techniques and developing resilience is essential if you’re to find that dream job.

You can use this helpful checklist to help you with your placement journey.

Please see further resources below to assist you while looking for a placement. The placement searching approval and preparation workbook includes some suggestions of websites to help with your search.

How many credits you need to be able to undertake a sandwich placement

You need to pass a minimum of 210 credits to be eligible to go on a sandwich placement.

What kind of roles to apply for

The placement should be relevant to your programme of study and enable you to meet the learning objectives of your placement module. Details about placement requirements are included on the programme and module databases.

Individual roles will vary and should be discussed and agreed between you and the employer.

Types of organisations you can apply to

Each year we source hundreds of excellent placement vacancies in companies of all different sizes and locations and promote them via InfoHub.

Keep your options open and focus your search on finding a role that suits you. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to secure an appropriate placement but there is plenty of help available.

You can see a list of example placements where students have been placed previously.

You can also use this speculative letter (InfoHub login required) when approaching organisations who may not be advertising. This is a good example which you are able to adapt to your liking.

Does the placement need to be paid

Placements are usually (but not always) paid, and are assessed by the University as part of the programme of study.

Please note that all students under the Faculty of Business and Law must undertake a paid placement. 

How long is a placement

Placements can take place at different points depending on the requirements of your programme and can vary in length from just a few days to a full academic year.

Sandwich placements vary between programmes but tend to be between 26 and 40 weeks. Please check requirements with your programme or placement module leader. Where offered, sandwich placements generally take place between years 2 and 3 and lead to the award of a sandwich degree.

Where to look for vacancies

Keep checking regularly for the latest vacancies and explore other sources of placements and work experience.

You can also view our further tips on job hunting and networking through our careers toolkit to help you to help identify placement opportunities.

Vacancy Plus is our quick query drop-in service where you can get specialist help with finding vacancies for all types of work, including graduate jobs, placements, internships and work experience. This drop-in service is available at Frenchay Campus in the E-Zone (2D11)

Need help finding a placement?

Get support from our Careers Team at one of our drop-ins or appointment services.

Help with your CV

We have all the resources you will need to build a great CV, no matter what stage you're at. You can use our CV Cycle document to find the best resources to support you with your CV. Whether you're on your final draft, or if you've never written a CV before, our CV cycle will point you in the direction of the best resources for you. 

Our CV360 tool provides great artificial intelligence feedback on your CV, as well as a comprehensive report and score. It also gives you the chance to have your CV reviewed by one of our UWE Bristol Career Coaches once you score 75%+ on CV360. 

Get further support from our Careers Team at one of our careers drop-ins or appointment services.

Deadline for finding and confirming a placement

You’ll need to have found a placement before term begins in September. This will allow you time to register with UWE Bristol, get your placement approved and start work by September, or register with the University and return to your final year if you don’t secure a placement.

It’s important that you start your placement search early – most placements are confirmed in spring or summer.

Please talk to the Placement Team if you’ve got any concerns about meeting these deadlines.

Finding placements abroad

Find placement vacancies abroad and schemes run through UWE Bristol.

We continue to urge caution when considering an overseas placement due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and particular consideration of the transport, medical and communications infrastructure, as well as the financial impact of support that might be required through the duration of the placement. We will be considering current FCDO Travel Advice and Drum Cussac risk rating, alongside our own internal risk assessment. You can find more information about overseas travel and Drum Cussac on InfoHub.

If you are considering an overseas placement you will need to speak to a Placement Coordinator before you start applying for opportunities. Please email to speak to a Placement Coordinator.

I've changed my mind about a placement year and want to go into my third year, what do I do?

If you have changed you mind and decided that you don't want to undertake a sandwich placement anymore, please get in touch with a Student Support Adviser to discuss your options.

Further help

If you want further help to find a placement please have a look at our drop-ins and careers appointments.

Get help with applications and interviews

We strongly encourage students to use the resources on our Careers Toolkit to help you write your CV or application form. For further help please check out our careers services.