Explore the world and get paid to do it. Future employers will be highly impressed by a placement or job abroad. From Berlin to USA, find your way abroad with help from Careers and Enterprise.

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International placements and graduate roles are advertised on InfoHub. Simply type "international" into the search vacancy field within InfoHub to see the latest vacancies. You can also find more information and application details for opportunities with UWE Bristol Go Global Partners, Think Pacific and CCUSA on Infohub.


"As someone who wants to travel and work abroad in the future, my placement gave me first-hand insight into what it’s actually like to live and work in a different country."

Lucy, BA (Hons) Drawing and Print

Lucy BA (Hons) Drawing and Print

Lucy worked as an Assistant Producer in Madrid, Spain.

Overseas placements resources


As a UWE Bristol student, you can use GoinGlobal to find international jobs, placements and internships and get expert advice on CVs, work permit and visa requirements for countries across the globe.

It includes a key employer directory which can be used to identify suitable global companies you can approach with speculative applications.

You can also use GoinGlobal to find out which US companies have a history of employing students from the UK.

As a UWE Student, you do not need to create an account to access all of the information but if you wish to save content, please follow the instructions on how to set up an account.

HIGHERED - The Global Talent Network

HIGHERED features hundreds of global placements and work opportunities for UWE Bristol Business School students. You'll need your UWE Bristol email address to access the site.

Camp Counselor jobs in the USA and Canada through UWE Bristol

UWE Go Global have partnered with Camp Counselors USA (CCUSA) to offer paid summer camp roles in the USA and Canada for UWE students.

Work at a children’s summer camp in the USA or Canada teaching or assisting activities for nine weeks, followed by 30 days travel over the summer. Submit your application to become a Camp Counselor via the CCUSA Footprints Participation Portal.

CCUSA Footprints Participation Portal

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