Go further. Go global.

Comfortable never changed the world. That’s why we encourage you to explore your options abroad.

Discover what life’s like studying for a year in a different country or try working for one of our international partners. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities on offer, whether you want to get involved for a week or a year.

From experiencing different customs and cultures to learning new languages and making lifelong friends – you might even discover a new side to yourself.

Malaysia a global experiences destination for UWE students

Go Global opportunities

There are six, exciting Go Global options at UWE Bristol. Watch this video for full details and be inspired! If you have any questions, please email us at goglobal@uwe.ac.uk.

Study or volunteer abroad

Find out more about global experiences.

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Study abroad

UWE Bristol students have the opportunity to gain international experience by studying abroad as part of, or alongside, their studies.

careers workshop

Bristol-based global experience

Join a diverse group of students to take part in a unique, exciting and career enhancing leadership development experience.

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Online global experiences

Take part in exciting international and cultural exchange experiences, without the need to travel overseas.

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Volunteering abroad

We have identified trusted global volunteering providers who offer safe, ethical, good value and positive outcomes for student volunteers and communities.

"I had a great sense of team spirit with the girls that I went with. We were able to provide each other with a support network and shared common ground in health and social care."

Catherine, BSc (Hons) in Nursing (Learning Disabilities)
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Catherine BSc (Hons) in Nursing (Learning Disabilities)

While studying for her BSc(Hons) in Nursing (Learning Disabilities), Catherine had the chance to swap North Bristol for South Africa - on a volunteering placement.

What is Project Zulu?

It's a UWE Bristol based charity supporting educational development in the Madadeni Township, South Africa. Trainees provide valuable experience for pupils and staff at Madadeni’s six schools by introducing new learning approaches and resources.

What was your experience like?

It added to the confidence, knowledge and ability that I’d gained through my degree. I realised that the skills I’d learned at UWE Bristol were transferrable - so will help me in the future, wherever I’m based.

What was your highlight?

I had a great sense of team spirit with the girls that I went with. We were able to provide each other with a support network and shared common ground in health and social care.

Your advice to other students?

Speak to other students or graduates who’ve already done it. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to share their experiences, both good and bad. I'd definitely recommend going global to all UWE Bristol students.

More about Project Zulu

UWE Bristol - Go International: Stand Out

We are a campaign partner for Universities UK International's (UUKi) Go International: Stand Out campaign. We have adopted the campaign’s charter detailing principles for UK Universities to increase and diversify the number of students who study, work or volunteer abroad as part of their experience at UWE Bristol.

We have committed to:

  • embed outward mobility in the UWE Bristol Careers and Enterprise plan
  • offer bursaries to students from disadvantaged groups
  • diversify our mobility offer to engage more students by developing short-term activities.

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