Online global experiences

Take part in exciting international and cultural exchange experiences, without the need to travel overseas.

UWE Bristol global leadership experiences

Step one: Global Leadership Forum (GLF)

You will join 100 other students from the University to take part in this one-day online activity. The GLF will bring together 500–1,000 students online (100 from UWE Bristol and the rest from other universities around the world) to engage with a global network of visionary leaders, representing massive international brands as well as unsung heroes who make change happen in their local communities. Speakers will join from across the globe to share insights into the challenges faced by leaders in their cities and societies. This programme will take place over a full day during Easter 2021.

Step two: Global Leader Experience (GLE) home 

The next step in your Common Purpose journey will be for you to use your insights from the Global Leadership Forum to participate in the Global Leader Experience. Here, you work as part of a team on a challenge project with 100 other UWE Bristol students. You’ll tackle the biggest issues facing businesses, governments and societies worldwide. During this activity you’ll be supported and guided by a senior business and community leaders from within the city of Bristol. This activity also includes a cultural intelligence module which will enable you to deepen your understanding of other cultures and enhance your global employability and CV. You will have a member of the Common Purpose team as a mentor.

This activity will take place over four days in May/June 2021.

Applications open in November 2020. A link to the application form will be on this page so check back here soon.


These programmes are open to students eligible for the UWE Bristol Employability Bursary. Successful applicants will have their programme fee fully funded by the University. Limited faculty places may also be available by invitation.

Think Pacific

Think Pacific have taken their award-winning programmes online to bring you a unique virtual intern experience. This allows you to contribute to the Fiji National Development Plan and United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals across a range of different careers fields. Working on behalf of a Fijian organisation, you will complete a social action project that tackles real problems in the South Pacific, whilst learning about the fascinating Fijian culture and developing global citizenship.

You can learn more about these internships on the Think Pacific website.


The University offers a £500 bursary. Please see the UWE Bristol Employability Bursary for more information and eligibility criteria.