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Common Purpose Global Leaders Experience 2023

Join a diverse group of 60 students from UWE Bristol to take part in a unique exciting and career enhancing 4-day in person leadership development experience.

During the programme you'll explore the challenge “How can we ensure our cities are resilient and inclusive?”, from a local perspective. You'll meet leaders from local and global businesses, governments and not-for-profit organisations in person, whose insights will further your understanding of the challenge and help you find creative ways to solve it.

"It is an amazing opportunity to develop new skills, build your network and more importantly, to reach possible solutions..."

Second Year student

Second Year student

What UWE Bristol student participants said about the Global Leadership Experience 2022

“The programme has been fantastic. It is an amazing opportunity to develop new skills, build your network and more importantly to reach possible solutions to the ongoing issues our city faces. I am proud to have been part of the program this year, it has been an unique opportunity. I want to thank my group, Common Purpose and UWE, for making it happen. A huge thank you as well for everyone who spared their time to come and speak to us. Thank you everyone."
Second year student

"It was an amazing experience. In such a short space of time, friendships were made, new ideas were thought of and now I feel energised to go out to the world and make it a better place."
Third year student

"I am surprised by the fact that we can do so much with so little time, especially when working together. This programme helped me to work on my time management skills and organisational skills.”
First year student

Join a global network

Upon completion the programmes, you’re invited to join the Common Purpose alumni network - a 100,000 strong, growing, global community of our alumni with exceptional diversity and a huge range of skills, interests and leadership experiences.

Global Leaders Experience application form (UK/EU students)

Global Leaders Experience application form (international students)

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