IT Services provide a computer lab for use by all students in Room 2B017 on Frenchay Campus. This facility is open during teaching hours.


This lab contains the following:

Windows terminals

  • They allow you to log on to the Student servers that IT Services centrally maintain. You are able to access all the core applications from these terminals. They do not have any removable storage (eg. DVDROM drives), but you can save your work onto your personal H:\ drive (which is recommended). Or, you can save on most brands of memory sticks, as the terminals are USB capable.

Other facilities

  • A4 scanner
  • CD/DVD writer
  • colour and black and white printers for student printing with the Pharos system
  • Pharos Print Station terminal, used to print documents
  • a Pharos Pay Kiosk which enables you to credit your Pharos printing account via a self-service online kiosk.

Computers on campus

Information about UWE Bristol's computer rooms, loanable laptops, and guidance on how you can book computers.

Computers on campus
Student using a computer in the library.