UWE Bristol student computers have assistive software installed which can help with your studies.


Supernova Magnifier and Speech (Windows)

This program is able to magnify the computer screen up to 64x. It also has speech capability to help with accessing text.

Supernova Magnifier and Speech can be accessed on computers in our libraries.

Screen tinting

ScreenRuler (Windows and Mac)

This software helps reduce glare from the computer screen and assists with visual tracking.

It can tint the whole screen using the colour of your choice, provide a ruler or underline of a different colour on the screen, which can then be moved up and down.

ScreenRuler can be accessed on all UWE Bristol computers.

Text to speech

ClaroRead Plus (Windows and Mac)

This program can read documents and web pages aloud in a human-sounding voice.

It contains a comprehensive dictionary, spellchecker, and converts text to audio for listening on an audio player.

This software is ideal for checking your work for sense and structure.

ClaroRead can be accessed on all UWE Bristol computers.

Mind mapping

Mindview (Windows and Mac)

This software enables you to create mind maps, timelines, essay plans and Gantt charts; organizing thoughts and ideas in a structured way. You can also add references and clip useful information from web pages for use in your mind map.

Mindview exports to Microsoft Office programs for easy creation of assignments and presentations.

Mindview can be accessed on all UWE Bristol computers.

  • Tutorial videos can be found in the Quick Start panel in Mindview.

ClaroIdeas (Windows)

This program enables you to create mind maps, using colours and shapes to organise your ideas in a more freeform way. You can also add notes and other useful information from webpages.

The software exports to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for easy creation of assignments and presentations. It can export a mind map as a PDF or image file. You can import any ClaroCapture projects you have created.

ClaroIdeas can be accessed on UWE Bristol Windows computers.

Research productivity

ClaroCapture (Windows and Mac)

This program can collect text and images from any document or webpage, grouping it together as a project. The resulting file can then be exported to Word together with a bibliography and a table of contents.

You can also import ClaroCapture projects into ClaroIdeas mind-mapping software.

ClaroRead can be accessed on all UWE Bristol computers.

Alternative formats

The library can produce books and journals in an alternative format if you have a print disability, such as a visual impairment or dyslexia. Text can be provided in PDF, Microsoft Word, DAISY or audio. We can also change fonts, alter line-spacing and print on coloured paper.

Find out about alternative formats

Assistive equipment loan service

The Assistive Equipment Loan service provides support to disabled students and staff by loaning small items of assistive technology equipment. We can also help those who require short-term support.

The service is run by the Library Disability Support Team who are based at Frenchay Library. They also cover Glenside and City Campuses.

Assistive equipment

Equipment available for loan includes digital voice recorders, microphones, ergonomic mice and keyboards, seating supports, portable listening devices and hand-held video magnifiers.

Please contact the Library Disability Support Team if you require more information.

Other apps and software

There are many great Apps and programs that can help you with your studies. You can find more of these in the Assistive Technology workbook.

For advice on using assistive software with e-books, please see the e-book accessibility guidance.

For more information or help using any of these programs, please contact the Library Disability Support Team.

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