Disclose as disabled (current students)

We encourage all disabled students studying with us to disclose.

Appropriate evidence and adjustments timeline

You can submit your evidence at any time. In order to provide you with support and adjustments to your studies, you will need to submit appropriate evidence for your disability or medical condition to disability@uwe.ac.uk. Appropriate medical evidence required is outlined below.

Evidence overview

A GP/Consultant letter is appropriate evidence. How recent your evidence needs to be will depend on the impairment or medical condition. Please send any evidence you have and we will advise.

Your evidence should contain:

  • confirmation that you have a physical impairment or mental health condition that has a substantial and long-term negative effect on your ability to carry out normal daily activities
  • the length of time the condition or impairment has been present and whether it is likely to last for a long time
  • effects on study that are observed or predicted at this time eg any mobility issues, sleep disturbance resulting in fatigue, concentration problems, lack of motivation, difficulties with taking notes etc.

Covering the cost

All applicants and students are required to meet the costs of any reports or letters.

Apply for funding for equipment and support

Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA) are provided by your funding body. Depending on your needs, DSAs funding may cover such things as study skills tuition, mentoring, equipment etc.

DSAs are non-means tested and non-refundable and would be available alongside any other funding you may receive. View more information about DSAs, including guidance on how to apply.

If you are not eligible for funding from your funding body or you are an international student, UWE Bristol may be able to help you with study support. Contact an Information Point for more information.

View our policy on reasonable adjustment for disabled students.

Access support

Look at the wide range of other support available at UWE Bristol. You may wish to access study skills support including workshops and online advice and tutorials.

Contact an Information Point if you need advice or guidance about any of the above, or are simply unsure about what to do to get support for your condition/s.

Disclosing your information

Data protection

We understand that you may be concerned about disclosing personal data about yourself or your condition. If we are fully aware of your needs we will be better equipped to ensure you are supported.

Please see our Privacy Notices for more information about how and why UWE Bristol uses your personal data.