Research at Bristol Business School

Bristol Business School is one of the leading post-1992 university centres for research in the fields of business, management and employment. We support a thriving and vibrant research community with over 100 research active academic staff and large numbers of research students. Our research is focused on supporting the future of organisations.

Research centre

Bristol Leadership and Change Centre

A top leadership centre exploring the ways in which change is mobilised and sustained in complex and uncertain environments.

Research groups

Applied Marketing Research Group

The Applied Marketing Research Group (AMRG) exists to foster working relationships with external organisations with the aim of collaborating in areas of marketing and customer engagement.

Bristol Research in Economics

An internationally recognised cluster of leading economists pursuing innovative research in intersecting areas of economics and political economy.

Data Research, Access and Governance Network

A multi-disciplinary research group that aims to create an environment for discourse to bring differing perspectives together about data access, management and governance.

Governance and Accountability Research Group

A forum for world-leading inter-disciplinary research in the areas of corporate governance, asset pricing, market efficiency, corporate disclosure and accountability.

Human Resources, Work and Employment

The Human Resources, Work and Employment (HRWE) Research Group takes on a reconstructive ‘both-and’ approach to human resources (HR) and employment studies research.

Innovation, Operations Management and Supply

The Innovation, Operations Management and Supply (IOMS) Research Group is formed around the core disciplines of innovation, operations management and supply chain management.

Sustainable Economies Research Group

The Sustainable Economies Research Group (SERG) applies inter-disciplinary approaches to the analysis of complex systems to develop solutions and tools that can better bring forth a sustainable economy.

A vibrant research community

Our research values are to promote innovative and collaborative research activity with a high level of commitment to theoretical development and empirical research that has practical relevance to the needs of business and the wider community.

Working in partnership

There are many research opportunities within the Business School, both for organisations wishing to work with us and for research students wishing to do a research degree. We particularly welcome proposals of an interdisciplinary nature and those with an international dimension, but we are always interested in new developments and possible collaborative ventures, whatever the topic.

If you would like to discuss your research ideas and how we could help you, contact us by e-mail, phone or drop us a line through Research, Business and Innovation (RBI), who co-ordinate research activity for the University as a whole.

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