Past projects

Details of Big-DEAL's past and completed projects.

Learn more about Big-DEAL's successful completed projects.

BIM system for minimising construction waste in design

Partnership with Balfour Beatty CSUK to develop BIM-based software solutions to help reduce construction waste in the design phase.

Deconstruction and Recovery Information Modelling (DRIM)

This project developed a BIM-based tool for identifying and reclaiming valuable materials at the end-of-life of buildings.

IoT-enabled Platform for Rail Assets Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance (i-RAMP)

The i-RAMP system will employ AI techniques to enable predictive and preventive maintenance.

Integrated Mobile-BIM system for optimised construction

This project aimed to develop a Mobile-BIM system for streamlining the design and deliverance of power transmission and distribution projects.

IoT-enabled Real-time Energy Analytics Platform for commercial buildings (i-REAP)

i-REAP develop an affordable solution that will provide a personalised and optimal energy consumption regime.

Vision Network: AR and VR for Digital Built Britain

This project investigated the potential impact of AR and VR technologies on smart cities and smart infrastructure.


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