Self-isolation means that you need to stay at home and not leave your accommodation for 10 days. If you or a flatmate develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, everyone in your flat/house will need to self-isolate for 10 days from the day symptoms began, or a positive test result was received.

You must follow this advice even if you feel well as symptoms can take up to 10 days to appear. Self-isolation is a way to help protect your family, friends, wider community and the NHS. Individuals who are required to isolate and do not do so can also face an initial fine of £1,000.

For more information and advice, please refer to government guidance.

The government has provided guidance regarding staying at home when you are self-isolating and sharing your home with others. You can find out more on the government COVID-19 guidance web page.

If you develop coronavirus symptoms, stay at home and call +44 (0)117 32 87000 or report your symptoms online (requires login). The phone number is open from 09:00-19:00 every day.

If you are in UWE Bristol managed accommodation, you can also let us know by following the details on the back of your flat front door.

If you need to isolate on arrival to the UK

Please check the latest government travel guidance before travelling.

If you need to self-isolate on arrival to the UK, you need to stay at home and not leave your accommodation for 10 days. Guidance on how to self-isolate can be found on the Government website.

If one of your flatmates has recently entered the country from an area that is required to self-isolate, you do not need to do the same, but there are a few things you can do to help them settle in:

  • Contact the residents who are self-isolating through online methods such as group chats or social media.
  • Keep your noise to a minimum. If you are self-isolating in your room it can be very lonely and noise can be magnified.
  • Support your new housemates with offering assistance with food shopping.
  • Clean down all surfaces before and after cooking or using bathroom facilities.

If you experience any symptoms, it is vital that you report this to the University urgently by following the details on the back of your flat front door.

Food shopping whilst in self-isolation

The catering and hospitality department at UWE Bristol are delivering essential grocery and fresh produce to your door. Student food boxes provide a safe and convenient way of getting your groceries and essentials, with next day delivery on all orders placed by 16:00.

Student food boxes

You can also shop online at supermarkets to arrange food deliveries and other necessities. Contactless deliveries are available from:

For emergency contacts outside of this time please visit our support pages.

Using communal spaces whilst in self-isolation

We understand that it will be difficult for some of you to separate from others within your accommodation. When using shared areas, you should keep your time in that area to an absolute minimum.

Ideally, you should not use the communal areas at the same time. It may be helpful if you set up a group chat when you arrive so that you can plan a rota of who is using the communal spaces and when. This may also mean preparing food in the kitchen, but eating in your bedroom.

You must clean everything you have used thoroughly. If you are living in UWE Bristol accommodation, cleaning products are provided when you arrive including surface sanitisers and soap, but you will be expected to purchase replacements once they have been used.

Fire alarms whilst in self-isolation

If you are self-isolating in UWE Bristol accommodation and hear a fire alarm, you must follow our instructions:

Fire alarms whilst in self-isolation

Further coronavirus information

For more information and advice about your accommodation, please take a look at our coronavirus guidance pages. If you can't find the answer to your question, get in touch with the Accommodation Team.