Work abroad

Working abroad can be a life-changing experience, providing opportunities to travel, live and work with people from widely different cultures and backgrounds, and help on projects that can make a real difference. There are many organisations offering international volunteering, paid internships and short or long term opportunities, many of which don't require a second language or international experience. Making a difference to the lives of others could make a positive difference to your career prospects.

The benefits of getting involved:

  • expand and develop your skills
  • build invaluable overseas contacts and networks
  • experience another culture, travel and see the world!
  • demonstrate initiative and independence
  • this activity can count towards your UWE Bristol Futures Award

Find out more about working abroad and international volunteering.

Who can apply?

All students including those who have never been abroad, and don't speak a second language

Time commitment

Anything from a few weeks to a whole year


Many volunteering and work experience opportunities will require you to pay a fee and travel expenses

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