Intercultural activity

International experience is now sought by many employers looking to recruit graduates. Graduate jobs are likely to require you to deal with people from a huge range of different backgrounds and often to communicate with people across the globe.

UWE has a very diverse international community of students and you can get involved in events that share and celebrate the food, music, language and cultures of different countries. You can also volunteer with charities based in Bristol that do international development work, or support people from different countries and cultures living in Bristol. Bristol is a vibrant city to live and study in - embrace the cultural opportunities!

The benefits of getting involved:

  • Experience another culture
  • Expand and develop your skills
  • Make new friends
  • Good preparation for going overseas later on
  • Increase knowledge of opportunities available
  • this activity can count towards your UWE Bristol Futures Award

Find out more about some of the intercultural activities here.

Who can apply?

All students

Time commitments

Flexible, many one-off events

When to apply

Opportunities throughout the year

"What global companies look for are people who can take a global perspective. If students have demonstrated they can work with other cultures and teams, thatís a big plus for us "

Sonja Stockton, Director, Talent, PricewaterhouseCoopers

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