Support for deferred international students

View the different support available for international students that have deferred their entry to UWE Bristol.

Visas and immigration

New visas 

If you had a visa start in 2020, but then deferred, you will need a new visa as your course has new dates. The Admissions team will issue a new Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) for a fresh Student visa application.

Tier 4 visas

The Tier 4 visa was replaced with the Student Visa in October 2020, but CAS statements are still issued in exactly the same way and we will guide you through every step of the Student visa application process. Most applicants will notice few differences, and it will not be possible to apply for the ‘wrong’ visa.

Graduate Immigration Route

The Graduate Immigration Route is a post-study work visa being implemented in the summer of 2021, and which is being seen as a positive development for students wishing to gain employment experience in the UK after their course, and even to use it as a stepping stone to a career in this country. While the scheme opens in 2021, there is no ‘closure’ date, and students expecting to graduate at any point from summer 2021 onwards will be eligible to apply.

Travel restrictions

Your entry clearance – the sticker in your passport – is currently being issued with 90 days’ validity instead of the usually 30, to offer maximum flexibility around travel arrangements. If the 90 days elapse and your course still allows you to join it, you can renew the entry clearance without applying for a new visa.

Working in the UK during lockdown 

Permission to work is a condition of your visa and is not affected by lockdown. Many students have continued to work their permitted hours in essential services, and some have continued to carry out their jobs remotely.

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UWE Bristol has a range of funding information for prospective and current students, including advice on undergraduate and postgraduate funding and financial support. We also offer different scholarships, but you need to check which scholarship meets your criteria before applying as per the instructions for that scholarship.

The University has set up an emergency fund to help students (including international students) who have urgent needs during the COVID-19 outbreak. You can contact our Student Money Service team for details on finding the best way to support your current situation (including scholarships) via email

The following websites are good places to look for funds from external trusts and charities that make awards to students that meet certain criteria:

Find out more about funding and scholarships



There are many things you can do during lockdown, and in the period before starting your course, to improve your employability.

GradLink is UWE Bristol’s award-winning careers site for international students, including those who are waiting to being their studies. It is completely open access, so you can use it any time. Our COVID careers information includes videos, articles and other resources about how you can develop your employability during this time – for example, building your employability skills, developing your CV, and your online presence. 

Work experience opportunities

Employers are still recruiting graduates. You can see some of the latest vacancies the GradLink website.

UWE Bristol’s International internship scheme is set up specifically for our international students.

The Volunteering Team can help international students to find opportunities during their studies to enhance their employability skills and improve their CV.

Working in the UK after your studies

From 1 July 2021, the UK’s new Graduate Immigration Route will mean that international students can stay and work in the UK in any job for up to two years. 


Getting settled at UWE Bristol

Studying in the UK

There are a few things about studying in the UK that might differ from your home country. These could include:

  • Students are expected to be independent learners, whereas in many other countries learning is teacher-led.
  • Students are expected to do a great deal of reading.
  • You will often be asked to work in small groups.
  • You will be expected to demonstrate critical thinking skills.

There is plenty of support available to help you get settled at UWE Bristol. Find out more about our international student support.

English language support

There is a lot of English language support available at UWE Bristol, both before and after you arrive.

Find out more about English language support.

Making new friends

The Global Student Support Team run an international and EU student orientation programme for all new starters. These sessions not only allow you to find out about key university services, but also the opportunity to start building your social community by getting to know your fellow students. In addition to this, your course will run an induction where you will learn more and meet the people who you will be studying alongside.

Another way that you can meet like-minded people is by joining a society. More information about the societies can be found on the at the The Students’ Union at UWE website. There are also lots of social events run by both the Global Student Support Team and The Students’ Union at UWE.

The Global Student Support Team would love you to feel connected to us and our global community before you arrive. Feel free to come along to our online social events that we are currently running. Further information can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and the UWE Bristol events diary.

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