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The Bristol-Bath Innovation Cluster

The Bristol and Bath city region is well positioned to rival the top innovation cities in the UK and across the world in the future. One of the driving forces behind this is the strong concentration of higher education research and innovation centres, which include:

  • National Composite Centre set up by the University of Bristol which develops new technologies for the design and rapid manufacture of high quality composite products
  • CAMERA at the University of Bath, which explores motion capture and virtual reality (VR) in gaming and health applications
  • Bristol Robotics Lab, a joint venture of the UWE Bristol and University of Bristol
  • Centre for Creative Computing at Bath Spa University.

New initiatives include Bath University's Automotive Propulsion Institute, the Bristol VR Lab and UWE Bristol's Health Technology hub.

Together the four universities are a major source of graduate talent, meeting the needs of local businesses – over half of all graduates qualify in science, technology, engineering and maths and there is a strong focus on entrepreneurship and enterprise across many courses. They also provide space for small and growing businesses at UWE Bristol’s Future Space, SETsquared Bristol and Bath, and Unit DX.

"The scale of achievement and the trajectory of development are such that the Bristol-Bath city-region already represents an innovation cluster of potentially global significance and one that could aspire, more ambitiously, to follow in the footsteps of North American power-houses such as Seattle or Boston."

Sir Michael Lyons, Chairman of SQW Group, Equity programme

Sir Michael Lyons, Chairman of SQW Group Equity programme