What are Knowledge Transfer Partnerships?

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) consist of a unique three-way collaboration between a business, a university and a graduate (known as the associate). The KTP scheme is a UK-wide programme helping businesses to improve competitiveness and productivity.

There are two types of KTP:

  • Classic KTPs focus on expanding the capabilities of a business’s products and services, often using cutting edge technologies. They allow you to embed expertise and generate new knowledge.
  • Management KTPs are people-focused, designed to foster culture change, enable transformational improvements - applying a broad range of management practices and processes to create robust businesses.

A KTP is a cost-effective way to access academic expertise and recruit a highly skilled graduate.

What you can expect

  • A project length of between one and three years
  • Up to 67% funded and 33% company contribution
  • Weekly access to academic expertise
  • Graduate placed within your business to fully embed knowledge

About the KTP team

Watch this one minute video to find out how we bring together academics, graduates, and businesses on strategic projects.  

Supporting your project

Our KTP team brings together academics, graduates, and businesses on strategic projects. They are there to provide expert and professional support for submitting the project. They will support your project through application right through to the end of the project. This includes the recruitment, financial administration and support at the project quarterly management meetings which takes place between all the partners of the project.

From the initial first contact, we are there to provide support and guidance including the formation of the project team, where we will find suitable partners, support the work plan, and the writing and submission of the KTP application.

We have a strong track record where we have supported over 100 projects in 24 years. Our experienced Knowledge Exchange team will support throughout the process of the submission of the project.


Benefits for businesses

  • Embedding expertise, develop new knowledge
  • Creating Intellectual Property
  • Gaining cost-effective access to the University's knowledge base and resources
  • Increasing revenue through access to new markets and new product development
  • Improving profits, increased productivity
  • Improving processes to the business
  • Access to an experienced Knowledge Transfer Adviser and access to the Knowledge Transfer Network throughout the project

Benefits for academics

  • Solving real-world business problems
  • Influencing development within the UK industry
  • Developing impact case studies
  • Developing publications and conference papers
  • Implementing research in a business setting

Benefits for associates

  • Earning a competitive salary
  • Applying developing knowledge and skills
  • Securing employment
  • Annual training and development budget
  • Being supported through an academic supervisor and the company supervisor

"There has always been this disparity between academics and the business world as they both have unique ways of doing things so having the opportunity to bridge that gap in a partnership is a wonderful opportunity only KTP can give. The business world is now coming to terms with growth and development academics offer and if properly harnessed, businesses can see the benefits in their annual turnovers."

Mayowa Olanrewaju, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate for Harris Evolution Ltd acknowledges the benefits of a KTP.

Mayowa Olanrewaju a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate for Harris Evolution Ltd acknowledges the benefits of a KTP.

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