Graduate internship scheme 2022

About the scheme

The 2022 scheme is now closed and all available funding has been allocated. The information below is for current interns. Details of our 2023 internship schemes will be released soon.

In partnership with Santander, we have limited funding to provide a number of graduate internship opportunities lasting eight weeks full time, or 16 or less weeks part time (296 hours) and you will be paid at least £366.30 gross per week.

The organisation will employ and pay you and they will claim back a subsidy from us. This is your chance to find an exciting opportunity in a safe environment to help improve your confidence, gain skills and try something new.


You must be a UK domicile, UWE Bristol graduate who graduated in 2021. Any graduates undertaking postgraduate study are not eligible.

Benefits of doing an internship

Your internship project is likely to provide the opportunity to:

  • contribute fresh ideas to the business
  • grow your confidence
  • build on your graduate skills and knowledge. 
  • transition into the same or a different role within the organisation
  • enhance your networks and contacts
  • try out new opportunities and ideas in a safe environment.

An element of appropriate training should also be included within the programme.

Applying for an internship

It’s always best to find your own internship that suits you. You can approach organisations speculatively or by using your existing contacts and networks. See below for advice on how to apply speculatively.

Your internship should be project based or add value to your CV. It should also include an element of training and/or mentoring. The organisations that you intern with must be a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) with a workforce of under 250 employees and turnover of up to £50 million.

As funding is limited, please contact the Internship Team before you apply for an internship to check if funding is still available by emailing

There will also be limited vacancies on InfoHub (login required). To find them:

  • go to 'Vacancies'
  • under ‘Vacancy Type’ select ‘UWE Internship Schemes’
  • click ‘Search’
  • Click ‘Find vacancies’
  • a list of internships will appear - look for opportunities with ‘UWE Bristol Graduate Internship Scheme 2022' in the job title.

Your employment agreement

The company will recruit you on the same basis as they would any other member of staff and you will be employed through them, not through UWE Bristol. You’ll be paid directly by your employer (through PAYE) on either a weekly or monthly basis.

We’ll provide the employer with an agreement that needs to be signed by all three parties (the Employer, the Graduate Intern, and UWE Bristol). We recommend that your internship employer provides you with a separate agreement to cover any company policies not included in the UWE Bristol internship agreement.

Tax and National Insurance contributions

The figure paid to you may be subject to tax and National Insurance contributions. Sometimes, you will be on an emergency tax code and what is deducted from your net pay is more than you should be paying. This will all depend on if you have another job and how much tax you have already paid in the current tax year. For further help, view more information about paying tax as a student and how you would claim a refund if you think you have paid too much.

Arranging your own internship

What are the benefits of arranging my own internship?

  • It demonstrates high levels of personal initiative.
  • You can explore opportunities that we may not have offered.
  • There won’t be a competitive interview.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your internship needs with your company. 

Speculative applications

The best way to find an internship is by approaching companies speculatively yourself. View this guide to making speculative applications (InfoHub login required).

We’ve prepared a statement that you may want to use in your speculative application:

“You may be interested to know that my university, UWE Bristol, is currently running a Graduate Internship Scheme, which offers a £1465.20 subsidy to companies/organisations that employ a 2021 UWE Bristol graduate for an eight-week full-time internship.

The intern will be paid £2930.40 via PAYE in total and organisations can claim back £1465.20 from UWE Bristol at the end of the internship. If you have any questions, please contact the Internships Team at

Are the opportunities related to my degree?

  • Don't restrict your thinking to jobs directly related to your degree subject or you’ll miss out on some amazing opportunities. Your degree discipline alone doesn’t determine your options. What interest you? What aligns with your future plans? What do you want to try out?
  • Your degree studies will have given you skills as well as knowledge, which can open the door to a wide range of challenging jobs in business, media, the environment and other sectors.
  • As well as gaining skills through your studies, you’ll also have gained skills through part-time work, hobbies, volunteering and other activities. These transferable skills are hugely attractive to employers, and include:
  • research skills
  • written and oral communication
  • time management and planning
  • working to deadlines
  • IT skills
  • the ability to generate new ideas and work productively, both on your own and in a group.
  • Don't make assumptions – if a job sounds interesting, see if you can demonstrate you have the skills and attributes the employer’s looking for. For many of our internships, enthusiasm, motivation and a desire to try out a new area of work to broaden your prospects will go a long way to getting you noticed. 


If you have any further questions, please email the UWE Bristol Internships Team at

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