Rights at work

Employers are recognising the value of recruiting from the widest possible pool of talent and are taking positive steps to recruit and retain applicants from all backgrounds. Use the following resources to access specific information on legislation, support, rights at work and equality issues.

Employment legislation

The Gov.UK website provides information and advice on the National Minimum Wage and employment rights:

Equality issues

Log in to InfoHub (login required) for employment advice for disabled, minority ethnic and other specific groups of students.

For specific information on legislation, support and employment-related opportunities on any of the below topics, please use InfoHub resources and refer to the Gov.UK website.

  • Age.
  • Disclosure of criminal offences.
  • Disability (including dyslexia and mental health).
  • Gender.
  • Race, religion and ethnicity.
  • Sexual orientation.

Other information and advice

The Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) provides advice on employment relations, rights at work, equality and fairness and information on legislation.

The new Equality and Human Rights Commission campaigns aim to eliminate discrimination, reduce inequality and protect human rights.

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