Three-day grace period

You are expected to plan your workload to avoid being impacted upon by a minor illness or other cause. However, there is normally a grace period of three days following the original hand-in deadline during which you can submit your assignment without penalty if you experience a problem meaning that you cannot meet the deadline. To find out if your modules have a three-day grace period, check the module details on Blackboard.

  • An assignment cannot be submitted after the grace period has ended. Failure to submit the assignment within the grace period will result in a non-submission being recorded.
  • In some circumstances a grace period will not be available for an assignment, please see exclusions below.

Students who are unable to meet the original hand-in deadline do not need to provide a reason or evidence indicating why they need to use the grace period. 

Reasonable adjustment grace period

The grace period is 14 days following the original hand-in deadline for students who are eligible for the reasonable adjustment, as a disabled student, carer of a disabled person or due to pregnancy/maternity/paternity. Eligibility criteria can be found on Apply for a reasonable adjustment.


It will not be possible to use the grace period for the following:

  • Group assessment
  • Assessments submitted for marking by staff at a fixed/scheduled time
  • Additional practice days of professional practice modules (submission of practice assessment documents may be eligible)
  • Practical/skills-based assessment
  • Where assessments are set up as timed assignments, for example computer-based exams, or examinations
  • Any assessments contributing to the Graduate Diploma in Law
  • Assessments limited by logistical constraints, such as assessments to be completed whilst on a field trip
  • Assessments with a submission date which falls after the Friday before the relevant Field Board. You can view the Field Board dates on the academic year calendar.

There may be other cases where it is not be possible to accommodate the use of the grace period depending on the nature of an individual assessment. These will be detailed on the module page on Blackboard.

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