Fees and funding

View Doctoral Academy tuition fees, project fees, completion fees and resubmission fees.


You will be required to pay an annual tuition fee during your research degree. You will be asked to make financial arrangements at the beginning of each year of study (based on your starting date).

Some projects may also be subject to additional project fees. Please see the project fees information below for more details. If you are unsure of your fee status (UK/EU or International) please refer to our definitions for determining fee status.

International applicants are normally required to pay a tuition fee deposit in order to secure a place and be able to obtain the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), which is necessary for visa applications. Upon successful registration, the deposit will be treated as part of your tuition fee.

The information provided should be considered alongside UWE Bristol’s Tuition Fee Policy. Please note that tuition fees are reviewed by the University on an annual basis and may be subject to increases year on year.

Tuition fees by course

View fees by year:

2023/24 fees


Home 23/24 (UKRI rate)
Full-time £4,712
Part-time £2,356
International/EU 23/24 
Pre 19/20
Part-time (EU only)
Pre 19/20
19/20 - 22/23 starters  
Part-time (EU only)
19/20 - 22/23 starters  
Full-time (EU only)
23/24 starters
Part-time (EU only) 
23/24 starters

Professional Doctorate in Education

Programme Leaders: Professor Jane Andrews and Professor Richard Waller

Home     23/24 (UKRI rate)             
Part-time                £2,356

Professional Doctorate in Biomedical Science

Programme Leader: Dr Trevor Whittall

Part-time Home £3,341

Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology

Programme Leader: Dr Eva Fragkiadaki

Full-time Home     £7,383
Part-time Home £5,539
International/EU                    £12,740

Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology

Programme Leader: Julian Bath

Part-time Home            £4,230
2022/23 fees


Home 22/23 (UKRI rate)
Full-time £4,596
Part-time £2,298
International/EU 22/23 
Pre 19/20
Part-time (EU Only)
Pre 19/20
Full Time
19/20 starters onwards
19/20 starters onwards

Professional Doctorate in Education

Programme Leaders: Dr Jane Andrews and Dr Richard Waller

Home     22/23 (UKRI rate)             
Part-time                £2,298

Professional Doctorate in Biomedical Science

Programme Leader: Dr Ruth Morse

  22/23 (3% increase)
Part-time Home £3,244
Part-time International Returners £3761
Part-time International/
EU new from 2020

Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology

Programme Leader: Dr Zoe Thomas

  22/23 (3% increase)
Full-time Home     £7,168
Part-time Home £5,378
International/EU                    £12,369

Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology

Programme Leader: Julian Bath

  22/23 (3% increase) 
Part-time Home            £4,107

Project fee

Some research projects will require an additional financial contribution to cover additional resources that are not typically covered by tuition fees. These costs are usually incurred annually and you will be informed before you begin your studies whether this applies to you.

Band Amount Costs covered
0 £0 Projects for which no additional resources are necessary.
1 £250–£1,000 To include conference attendance, fieldwork, travel etc.
2 £1,000–£5,000 In addition to the above, projects requiring specialist facilities, consumables etc.
3 £5,000–£12,000 In addition to the above, projects requiring extensive lab and studio work, use of expensive equipment and materials etc.

Completion fee

Following successful completion of your Stage 3 Progress Review, the level of supervision you require for the final stage before submission of your thesis for examination will be agreed and a completion fee will be set, if applicable, to reflect supervision requirements. The completion fee is as follows:

  • Completion fee without supervision – £466 (2023/24 academic year).
  • Completion fee with supervision – 40% of the relevant fee.
  • Full fee with full supervision. 

Resubmission fee

If you are required to resubmit your thesis following your final viva, the resubmission fee for 2023/24 is £357.


Throughout the year, a number of funded studentship opportunities may become available and will be advertised via the Doctoral Academy as well as jobs.ac.uk. Please check regularly to see if there is an opportunity within your research area if you are interested in these.

Studentships typically cover the costs of tuition fees for UK students (or up to UK level if an international student) and have a bursary attached to cover living expenses. Please check the terms and conditions of the individual advert for full details.

Self-funded research

If your research area falls outside our advertised positions, you will need to cover the costs of tuition fees, project fees (if applicable) and living expenses personally or arrange for a sponsor or external body (for example an employer or government sponsor) to fund your research project. You will need to clearly state how you intend to fund your studies when making an application.

Postgraduate Doctoral Loan

If you are a prospective UK doctoral student, and you normally live in England, you may be able to apply for a UK government Postgraduate Doctoral Loan to support your postgraduate research degree study.

University funding sources

  • The UWE Bristol Alumni Scholarship offers a 25% discount to PGRs who have completed an eligible programme at UWE Bristol. This discount is only on the first year of study if your course is full time, and for only the first two years of study if on a part-time course.
  • The UWE Bristol Fund can provide grants to students facing financial difficulty, support student-led community projects and fund students extra-curricular activities. 

View all UWE Bristol scholarships and bursaries.

College conference funding support for PGRs


Money and finance support

The University's money and finance section is full of resources and helpful advice to help you manage your money. This includes Blackbullion, which is an award-winning education technology company which offers free financial advice online, equipping students and graduates with money skills for life.

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