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Please note: Coronavirus is affecting international students' ability to apply for visas and travel to the UK. The advice below applies under normal circumstances. 

What is Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) – and how does it affect your Tier 4 Visa?

To apply for a Student visa you will need a valid Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number. The CAS is a virtual document that confirms that an institution is willing to act as your educational sponsor.

It provides UK Visas and Immigration (part of the Home Office) with:

  • your personal details
  • details of your course of study
  • details of any fees you have paid to the University.

You will either receive a CAS as part of the admissions process if you are applying to study a new course, or you will apply to the Points Based System team if you are applying for more time to complete an existing course.

In order for your CAS to be valid it must:

  • have the same identity details on it as in your passport
  • have been assigned no more than six months before the date of the application
  • not have been withdrawn or cancelled by the student sponsor (UWE) Bristol or the Home Office
  • not have been used with an application which was processed and refused (where the fee was processed). Having a CAS does not guarantee your application will be successful. You must meet all the requirements of a Student visa application.

It's up to you to make sure that the course information – course title, start and end dates and so on – that appear on your CAS is copied exactly onto your application form.

Applying for a CAS

How you apply for a CAS will vary depends whether you are a new or continuing student. Here's everything you need to know:

Offer holders and new students

Unconditional offers

If you have received and firmly accepted an unconditional offer from UWE Bristol and have paid your deposit, the Admissions team will contact you to begin the CAS process. If you believe you should have received this information but haven't yet, please email

The CAS will not be issued until you have paid the appropriate deposit or tuition fee for your course and completed all the CAS assessment tasks.

Conditional offers

If you have a conditional offer to study a degree-level course but have been accepted onto one of our Pre-sessional English programmes, the process will depend on your individual circumstances. If your visa does not cover your main course, you will need to make a visa application for which a CAS will be issued only once you've successfully completed your Pre-sessional course.

Continuing students

If you need to apply to extend your Tier 4 (General) or Student visa to complete a course with us, you'll need to complete a CAS request form. You will only be considered for a CAS if;

  • you are unable to complete your course within your existing visa or
  • you have resits that take place on or after the existing end date of your visa.

If you choose an optional hand-in date that's later than the original submission point, you will not be given a new CAS. Instead, you'll need to submit your dissertation either before your visa to be in the UK expires or submit remotely from outside the UK.

Requesting a new CAS after a visa application has been refused

Inside the UK

If your Student Visa application has been refused and you are inside the UK you will need to speak to an Immigration Adviser as soon as possible.

Depending on your individual circumstances you may need to leave the UK and make a new application from overseas. In this case, we generally can't assign a CAS until you have returned home.


If you are overseas when your visa application is refused you will need to contact an Immigration Adviser and provide a copy of your Refusal Notice which confirms the reason why your application was unsuccessful.

Before you can make a new visa application you will need to request a new CAS. Your CAS will be assigned to you once an Adviser has reviewed your case. If we are not satisfied that there is sufficient time for you to obtain a new visa and travel to the UK before the latest course start date agreed by the University, we may be unable to assign a new CAS and will advise you to defer your studies until the next academic year.

When will I receive the CAS?

CAS are issued up to three months before course start dates for new students and it is advisable to be ready to make an application for a Student visa as soon as you have the CAS.

Before a CAS can be issued UWE Bristol needs to be certain that:

  • you have not exceeded any time cap (either before starting your course or during the duration of your course)
  • you have a genuine intention to study the course you have applied to study
  • your course leads to an approved qualification, which must be full-time
  • you meet the English language requirement
  • you can demonstrate academic progression if you have previously studied in the UK (Admissions will confirm this)
  • you have sufficient funds for your tuition fees and living costs for yourself and any dependants who are applying with you
  • you are not an overstayer if you are currently in the UK
  • if you have had a previous visa refusal, you satisfy the University that you have addressed the reasons for that refusal
  • if you will be doing a work placement this is an assessed, integral part of your course which does not exceed 50% of the course duration.