Applying for a visa

Find out which visa you need, and how to apply.

Important coronavirus information for international students in the UK

If you are a visa holder in the UK and cannot leave because of travel restrictions or self-isolation related to coronavirus, you should check the Government’s Coronavirus advice page for the most up to date information and contact the Immigration Advice Service if you have any questions.

If you are inside the UK and hoping to rely on a temporary policy concession in order to make a further visa application to stay in the UK (for example if you are relying on a concession to apply in the UK for a Student visa where normally you would not be able to do so) you should check the Coronavirus (Covid-19): Tier 4 policy guidance and contact urgently to discuss your situation.

Student route of the new points-based system

This visa is for you if:

  • you need permission to enter the UK, and
  • you want to study a course that lasts more than six months.

Use the government's interactive tool to check whether you need a visa.

Apply for a student visa

Apply from outside the UK

Applicants who need permission to enter the UK and who plan to study on a full-time course of more than six months will need a student visa.

Apply inside the UK

Information for international students who are currently based in the UK but need to apply for, switch to, or extend a student visa.