International students registration

Passport and visa checking

Home Office regulations require all international students to attend a passport and visa checking event in person at the start of each academic year, as well as completing online registration. 

Your registration will be confirmed once your fee payment arrangements have been completed. 

Bank letters

You can see useful information on UK bank accounts on the banking and finance page, including how to download a letter from MYUWE on the banking and finance page

Sponsorship authorisation forms

Please email sponsorship forms, purchase orders or financial guarantee letters for payment of fees to

Student ID cards

UWE Bristol student ID cards act as proof of your student status and entitle you to access and use campus facilities, such as our libraries. You should always keep your card with you while you are on a UWE Bristol campus. Please read the whole section to avoid missing any important information.

Before you collect your ID card

When you register online via MYUWE, make sure you upload a photo for your ID card. Your passport-style photograph should be uploaded under the ‘My Details’ tab. 

Please note: we can only print your ID card if you have added your photo to your MYUWE profile. To make sure your card can be printed, upload your photo at least two working days before collection.

Collecting your ID card

Please collect your ID card from the campus where you study. You will need photo identification to collect your UWE Bristol ID card – for example, your passport, national identity card, driving licence, BRP or other photo ID card.

Check where to collect your ID card

Name changes

You will be registered under your given first name(s) and family name. Not all name changes will be allowed.

In the UK, the name will always be given name(s) first followed by the family name, for example:

Given name


Middle name


Family name


Registered name

John Henry Doe

Your UWE Bristol student ID card will only show two names (given name followed by family name).


The Students’ Union 

The Students' Union has a vibrant events programme,. Find out about all the exciting events that they have got planned for you, ranging from Welcome Fairs to Bring Your Own Bowl. 

Feel Good

Feel Good runs events throughout the year to help you relax, try something new, get active and eat well. To find out what the Feel Good Team are up to and how you can get involved, follow them on Instagram @FeelGoodUWE.

Student Life

Led by students, the Student Life Team is here to help students feel at home, part of the community and to help you get the most out of your time at UWE Bristol. Student Life organises a variety of social events and you can stay up to date via their newsletter and on Instagram.  

International Student Support

The Global Reception is located in the Global Lounge (2P4) at Frenchay Campus.

Find upcoming events and learn more about the international student support at UWE Bristol.

Finding your way around campus

Please see our campus maps and video tours, led by student ambassadors. We encourage you watch it to familiarise yourselves with UWE Bristol campuses. It will help you find your way around when you arrive.


The sooner you register, the sooner you get your timetable, and you can plan your term and organise part-time work. Don’t delay your registration as once timetables have been published, it takes three working days for your timetable to be visible in MYUWE.

Your timetable will be available three days after you have completed registration. You can:

Please note: timetables will not be available before our publication dates.

Fees and funding

Please see the paying your fees pages for more detail on how to pay your fees. You can see different ways of paying along with guidance and advice. Please do not bring cash to pay as it is not secure and you are at risk. If you cannot complete the direct debit details because you are unable to open a UK bank account, please contact

Not taking up your place at UWE Bristol?

If your plans have changed and you’re not intending to take up your place this year, please let us know by completing this online form before the first day of your course. If we receive your notification after the start of term, you may be liable to pay a proportion of the annual tuition fees (see the UWE Bristol Tuition Fee Policy).

Students at partner institutions

Your registration arrangements will be made by the partner institution where you are studying.

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